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VerseOne's abstracted persona development template

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Understanding your audience is crucial to tailoring your message and content to appeal to your target demographic. Once you understand your audience, you need to effectively capture this information so it’s useable. This is where persona development comes into play.

Industry best practice centres around the creation of abstracted personas. These move you away from capturing stereotyped demographics, to focussing your profiles around goals and capabilities. You can glean this information by adopting a robust approach that uses data, surveys and real-life customer information to identify trends and uncover useful information that steers away from bias.

We’ve put together a simple and easy to use template, which your organisation can edit to effectively structure and capture your personas.

When building out these profiles, create one document per persona and be sure to make sure you’re:

  • Building unique profiles rather than copy and pasting.
  • Use real data you have collected and observed.
  • Focus on goals related to your product as it stands.
  • Be context specific and use information, behaviours and goals.

We delve into this topic in great detail as part of our three webinar series around ‘Understanding Your Audience’. These interactive sessions are led by our expert Creative Services team and you can also register your place using the links below:

Part 1: SEO, Google Analytics & Heatmapping

Part 2: Persona Development

Part 3: User Journey Mapping

To download the User Persona Template, simply click the button below.

Access the template


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