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Creating a Website and Intranet at the heart of Barts Health comms

Using VerseOne’s powerful unified CMS platform and web expertise empowered Barts Health to create fantastic and engaging websites, alongside an intranet that truly supports staff.

VerseOne CMS’s unique Create Once and Publish Everywhere (COPE) capability allows for one single source of up to date, accurate content.  The feedback has been enthusiastic and positive, showing how a perfect blend of technology, design, and in-depth sector knowledge, coupled with fantastic content—can create solutions that really make a difference.

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In order to improve accessibility for service users, empower staff right across the Trust, and improve accuracy and efficiency, Barts Health needed a website and intranet solution that would:

  • Put service user needs at the centre of functionality, with tools like directories for easily finding consultants and services
  • Improve engagement by being easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing, whilst adhering to NHS brand guidelines
  • To create two-way dialogue through the use of blogging and discussion boards
  • Be “mobile-first” by design
  • Provide a scalable technical solution that powers all sites, and grows with their business
  • Provide a mechanism for document control, with full audit trails allowing Barts Health to set, monitor, review, and revive policies & procedures
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Detailed stakeholder workshops were conducted with participants that included staff, senior management, service-users and their family members. Not to be confined to meeting rooms, consultations also took place at various locations within the Barts Health organisation, from hospital atriums to coffee shops. All of this allowed both VerseOne and Barts Health to gain a deep understanding of what the audiences expected and required from both an Intranet and website perspective.

A collaborative and iterative design process took place, harnessing not only the well-known and trusted NHS brand but also the unique look, tone, and heritage of Barts Health. Combined, these created a visual language that could be used across all solutions, allowing Barts Health to promote and display content and functionality in a way that is not only visually appealing, accurate, and up-to-date but also highly usable and accessible.

With the websites bursting with functionality and important service user information, and an Intranet boasting secure, Single Sign-On (SSO) using Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) and featuring diverse two way dialogue opportunities for staff, Barts Health now have the solid foundation to continue their digital transformation journey.

Since launch, the websites and the Intranet have gone from strength to strength. With the ability to add engaging and useful content easier than ever before both staff and service users are now experiencing fantastic digital experiences.