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Digital Experience Management

A true digital experience platform (DXP) is more than just a content management system and a website or intranet. Of course, it must have these key elements to function, but it is the user experience design and personalised content delivery which need to work in harmony to deliver unique digital experiences to each persona.

Core benefits

Flexible, drag-and-drop design

Get creative with your page layouts, with VerseOne’s unique drag-and-drop wireframe interface. Apply new colours and styles, in a controlled manner, with single-press presets…

Fully-fledged Media Manager

Bulk upload tens of files at a time, simply by dragging from a computer folder—then simply drag to organise them into familiar folders or categories. Add images, documents, audio and videos to your content with a single click.

Let your solution build itself

Deploy categories and tags to automatically display related content. Order lists by popularity, and let your customers decide which content is the most relevant and popular for them.

Front-end editing

Create and edit news stories, blog posts, events, jobs descriptions, FAQs, and more (complete with rich media), instantly and in situ on your website—no need to even log into the CMS.

Devolve editing: retain control

VerseOne CMS has a robust, configurable Publishing Approval workflow built into all its content—so you can assign multiple content editors, but retain control over what is published (you can even schedule the date and time).

Get social: build communities

Build and customise your social media streams, place them into the flexible Code Droplets—then use and re-use them anywhere across your pages—or just assign them to appear site-wide for maximum engagement.

Get social: build communities

VerseOne solution are built to be ”secure by design” from the ground up: robust permissions, application-access only documents, and field-level data protection security settings all provide our customers with peace of mind.

Role-based Permissions

Create unlimited users and control their access through strong, role-based permissions. Even use Permissions to provide targeted, personalised content based on user roles and personas.