Digital Tenancy Signup


Streamline Your Tenant Onboarding and Void Management

Streamline tenant sign-ups and streamline lettings process

The tenant onboarding process can be delivered effectively and securely through your website or self-service portal. By digitalising the pre-tenancy process your team and applicants work collaboratively through the steps of the process, at a convenient time, with each party being notified when action is needed.

Any required documents are transferred securely (no more unsecure emails) and are validated by your team. Application forms can be collected and reviewed to help with shortlisting families to view homes.

There's no longer any reason for applicants to travel for a meeting with their documentation - it's far more efficient for applicants and your busy team.

Once an offer has been made, both parties can digitally sign the tenancy agreement - and a digital tenancy agreement can be created.

Once a moving date is agreed tennants can also enjoy all the benefits of your self-service portal, without the need to re-register.

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Streamline Tenancy Sign Up and reduce days to let

Transform tenancy sign-ups reduce how long your home is unoccupied, our innovative solution automates the entire process, delivering a seamless experience for both tenants and your operations team - while significantly improving efficiency and reducing costs.

An End-to-End Digital Solution for Tenancy Sign Ups

Centralised Communication

Bid farewell to confusion and delays caused by fragmented communication channels. Our platform brings together applicants, your allocations team, and other relevant parties into a centralised digital space, promoting seamless collaboration and streamlined communication throughout the entire onboarding process. The result? A more efficient and satisfying experience for applicants and staff alike.

Intelligent Void Management 

Digital Tenancy Signup Manager's intelligent void management system transforms the way you handle vacant properties. Automate key tasks, track progress, and gain real-time visibility into the status of each property, allowing for faster turnaround times, reduced rental loss, and a more efficient allocation of resources.

Secure Document Management

Ensure the highest level of data security and compliance with our encrypted document management solution. Applicants and staff can safely upload, store, and share sensitive documents, protecting their privacy and adhering to data protection regulations. Experience peace of mind, knowing your tenant's information is secure and compliant.

Streamlined Pre-Tenancy Checks

Digital Tenancy Signup Manager streamlines pre-tenancy checks and reference gathering with automation, minimising staff workload and delivering a more comprehensive and efficient process. Reduce the risk of problem tenancies and ensure a smooth start to every tenancy.

Integrated Analytics and Reporting 

Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making with our integrated analytics and reporting module. Gain insights into areas of improvement, demonstrate performance to stakeholders, and drive operational efficiency with real-time data at your fingertips.

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