NHS Events

Welcome and thank you for wanting to join the conversations that matter to everyone involved in our NHS - that’s all of us!

The VerseOne Forums and Events that we hold focus on what’s happening and what’s important to the fantastic staff working within the NHS. The COVID-19 crisis has concentrated everyone's minds as to how digital technologies can help the lives of people working within the NHS and the patients that they care for. There are off course inevitable gaps and shortcomings but we know that through the innovative use of digital technology these can be solved - something we've passionately been working on for over 15 years.


It’s simple and easy to join, please look at the avaiable forums and events, sign up using the form and we’ll be in touch to ensure you’re all set up to attend. 

Although different NHS Trusts are handling the huge difficulties presented by COVID-19 differently, there’s no doubt that the use of digital technologies has played a significant part. It is acknowledged that this will accelerate and become the norm for the new way of working whilst delivering great user experience.

With this in mind and in collaboration with our existing customer base of over 45 Trusts of all types and sizes, we have been supported and encouraged to set up this channel.

Some of the topics that we have dicussed previously, have included:

  • The changing NHS digital landscape - how to react quickly
  • Staff well-being
  • Vulnerable patients and keeping digitally connected
  • Staff engagement and communications
  • Supporting a remote workforce

During our sessions we capture the essence of the outcome and share with everyone across the whole of the NHS.


If you are interested in working with VerseOne to setup and co-host an event or forum please get in touch on nhs@verseone.com and lets talk!