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The Services team are here to support new and existing customers with their objectives. It is our job to assist on any aspect of the  project and use our knowledge and cross-industry experiences to guide, advise and add value. 

Our Total Engagement Programme ensures that all of our solutions are supported by first class services. Before your project even begins we involve our team in the procurement process to make sure we understand your objectives completely and can bring the right skills to the project.

This same team will support you through the initial definition and scoping phases, through design and then deployment; But our service does not stop there! We then provide on-going support with analysing and monitoring your solution to make sure it continues to deliver on your objectives providing a full 360 degree approach to your project.

What makes us different from design agencies? We have a deep understanding of our sectors, as well as the customers of our customers. We work to a scalable, modular and efficient component design methodology that puts the power of creation in the customer's hands. And, we are always pushing innovation and finding new ways of improve solutions in the VerseOne CMS. We literally don't stop; we are designers by choice, designers by nature, designers by passion.

Total Engagement Programme

Our unique Total Engagement Programme guides and supports you every step of the way — from initial definition and scoping, through design, implementation and launch — throughout our on-going partnership.

All of these stages are dictated by our award-winning customer-centric approach and tried-and-trusted project management methodology, designed to provide an established framework flexible to your needs.


We bring our deep industry knowledge, advise and guidance for each project.



As sector leaders we provide a wide array of industry events for both the Housing and NHS sectors, these include:

Senior Advistory Boards - Are focused on discussing the current issues effecting each sector, at a high level, bringing together c-suite Execs and industry leaders to share ideas, advise and discuss where technology can make a difference.

Creative Services - Events to discuss the latest trends to make sure you have an engaging digital platform that can help build trust with your users and promote positive interactions.

Solution Showcases - These are customer led events to provide insights into real solutions that have been deployed with in the sector, and outlining the steps we took, alongside our customer, to provide unique and innovative solutions to solve their problems.

To support these events we also provide Blogs and News for both the NHS and Housing sector, to provide insight from our experts, research and advise from the current industry hot topics and newsletters to provide insights. 

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All of our projects start with our robust, industry tested project managment process. This starts with an internal kick off (IKO) where all the internal stakeholders review the documentation and have full visibilty of the scope of the project. That is followed by an External kick off (EKO) with the internal stakeholders and customers come together to go through the scope and the project plan, making sure all members of staff who will be working on the project are part of the discussion from day 1! 

During the project the PMO will hold regular catch up's through-out all phases to make sure there is constant review of the milestones and to make sure the project is always focused on being delivered on time, on budget and to the highest quality.


Workshops and Discovery

define design deploy

workshops uncovers pain points with the current solution, discussions of the information architecture, and design of the new digital solution. This helps build a picture of your content and how you can structure this content for your audience needs. These sessions are usually virtual, consisting of stakeholders, service users, customers to tenants. 

Breaking down silos has an impact not only on your workflow but also directly on the quality of what you deliver. Exploring some of the concepts and problems together provides you with synergy and the level of critical thinking only achievable when you involve people of varied expertise. A developer is never going to have the same perspective as a designer or marketer. All inputs are equally important, and taking them into account will enable you to explore the potential solutions beyond what the design team could come up with. 

These sessions clarify business requirements, the types of users, their needs, and the type of typical task they want to achieve. We incorporate techniques such as persona development , card sortingwire-framing and in-depth peer and organisational analysis to craft the optimum solution for your objectives and KPIs. Our discovery workshop sessions engage directly with the people that matter, from organisational stakeholders to service users; interacting with key people invested in the desired solution means we can truly understand and deliver for your business.

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define design deploy

We believe in the power of creativity to solve problems and communicate ideas. Every VerseOne design is unique and tailored to the specific needs of its parent project. Whether for a secure portal with clear and concise pathways for self-service, an intranet requiring a reliable and easily navigable document library, a website to promote and enhance your brand, or a motion graphic to explain a complex idea, we have the tools and frameworks in place to deliver.

The design phase consists of two key stages:

Wireframes: These concentrate on the layout, structure, and information hierarchy of the digital solution. The aim of this phase provides a visual understanding of a page early in a project to get stakeholder and project team approval before the creative phase (or high-fidelity mockup stage). Wireframes can also create the global and secondary navigation to ensure the terminology and structure used for the site meets user expectations. Branding, illustrations to colour are disregarded as part of this process. Why is this the case? Because the focus is solely on the layout, without distraction from visuals and branding. 

High-Fidelity Mockup: Using the wireframe as a structure and base, the high-fidelity mockup stage incorporates the branding, colours to photography. Think of the wireframe as the skeleton of the design, whilst the high-fidelity mockup phase is the skin. Applying all of these elements (plus things like illustrations, icons etc.) to the wireframe designs

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Development and Deployment

define design deploy At VerseOne we take pride in every implementation we deliver. We use validated code and tools to build your custom design onto your VerseOne software. Your design elements are crafted into web code by our talenteddedicated front-end developers to make sure everything about your site operates smoothly. We also set up the soft key configurations that will make your VerseOne solution perfectly customised and highly usable.

All our solutions are deployed in our Microsoft Azure cloud environment and are support by our incredible Managed cloud sevices. These ensure your solution remain secure, stable and highly available. this encludes in depth defense at multiple layers, 24 hour monitoring services, pinpoint recovery and much more!

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Analysis and on-going support


VerseOne offers Web Analytics and Optimisation services to improve your site's performance based on the analysis of user behaviour. By having a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses from reliable information-gathering, we can define opportunities to pursue and threats to be aware of. This deep data analysis then informs decisions, set KPIs and be used to plan your marketing, content and website development strategy. We also focus on optimising all sites in line with our ESG policy.

Once our projects are live, it doesnt stop there. our on-going customer care program ensures you will always have access to our experts through multiple channels:

Account Management Team -  this team are always on hand to provide knowledge and updates of what is going on in the industry alongside inviting you to our events, including our User Groups and customer days. We host unique events focused on bringing customers together to make sure they have a voice in our development plans, ensuring  we are always focused on what is important to our customers.

Customer Success Team -  They work closely with you to make sure you are getting the most out of your current solution, whether that is providing access to our Training teams and education services, providing tips and tricks on how to get the most of out the CMS or doing regular reviews to make sure your solution is still providing the best service for you and your customers.

Support team - Our support desk provides 24/7 access to raise tickets and provide assistance with CMS advice and assistance, accessibility fixes, minor design changes and minor bug fixes to make sure your system and sites are always performing optimally.

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