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As part of VerseOne’s wrap-around approach, we offer a comprehensive suite of complementary services to help you understand, improve and manage your digital estate. From user experience insights on your website to creating engaging banner graphics on your intranet, we can support and guide you.

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WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE | Integrated or standalone

The Services team are here to support new and existing customers with their objectives. It is our job to assist on any aspect of the  project and use our knowledge and cross-industry experiences to guide, advise and add value. 

Our Total Engagement Programme ensures that all of our solutions are supported by first class services. Before your project even begins we involve our team in the procurement process to make sure we understand your objectives completely and can bring the right skills to the project.

This same team will support you through the initial definition and scoping phases, through design and then deployment; But our service does not stop there! We then provide on-going support with analysing and monitoring your solution to make sure it continues to deliver on your objectives providing a full 360 degree approach to your project.

What makes us different from design agencies? We have a deep understanding of our sectors, as well as the customers of our customers. We work to a scalable, modular and efficient component design methodology that puts the power of creation in the customer's hands. And, we are always pushing innovation and finding new ways of improve solutions in the VerseOne CMS. We literally don't stop; we are designers by choice, designers by nature, designers by passion.

Rhys Thomas

Rhys Thomas

Say Hello To Rhys, Our UX Lead

Rhys has been in the digital design space for well over a decade, providing digital presences for small-medium sized businesses as well as marketing and ecommerce design services for global customers. He’s been able to bring his wealth of knowledge and breadth of skillset to different challenges within the public sector, with customer empathy at the heart. Away from the screen, Rhys enjoys Rugby, D&D, and hiking. 

Haydn Symons

Haydn Symons

Say Hello To Haydn, UX/UI Designer

With a strong illustration background, Haydn has been in the creative, design and digital industry for over seven years, working in design agencies to being the sole designer within marketing teams. Haydn’s particular areas of strength lies in illustration, UX / UI design, video editing to digital design. When he’s not designing, you can find Haydn drawing, running, or trying to catch the waves surfing. 

Lucy Geraghty

Lucy Geraghty

Say Hello To Lucy, UX/UI Designer

Despite being the youngest in the team with only a few years' experience in the design industry under her belt, Lucy has had exposure to a wide array of discipline’s in both the private and public sector working with industry-leading global brands such as Microsoft and Sony. With the drive to break boundaries and come up with fresh ideas, Lucy’s strengths lie in UI/UX design and digital design. If she isn’t designing, she will be found watching the football, enjoying spontaneous days out or finding the best food spot about. 

UI & Graphic Design

UI & Graphic Design

The User Interface (UI) is the look and feel and creative of your website. It is how the information is presented to the user and how is this structured and how easy the content is to navigate. Having a well designed website will increase visitors to your website and reduce direct correspondence from visitors unable to find information, it also improves their journey through the website. Our team can guide you through all the aspects of UI to enhance your digital platform.

Platform agnostic web design

Designed to any platform or solution, tailor made, for desktop and mobile


UI Design systems

Expand upon your brand guidelines, while staying consistent across channels and formats

Graphical banners

Created or edited static graphics for a wide variety of uses

Email design

Breathe life into your emails for clearer messaging and improved engagement


Use vector illustrations to show data or convey complicated concepts 

Social media templates

Sized social assets, frames and layered templates for quick implementation

Image editing

Photo editing and manipulation to make your images more usable

Design Consultation

Design Consultation

Before you embark on a project or as part of your ongoing performance audit, it is vital to review how your website is performing. The Creative team can look at a number of different ways to understand if your digital platform is still meeting your goals and best practice for user experience is being adopted.

UX audit

Detractors to a user's experience can bubble up at any point - we can identify and fix them.

Accessibility review

Accessibility is deep rooted in VerseOne's DNA our reviews identify limitations and suggestions.

Creative strategy planning

Not sure how to progress with the creative direction of a project? Seeking guidance? We can help.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

The foundation to measuring the success of a new digital solution, real testers,real environment.

Site performance review

Making your website work for you - speed, SEO and delivering to your success metrics.

Environmental impact review

Is ESG a focus? Our assessment will dive into carbon impact and how to go green.

Content planning

We can help you understand, process and create page templates for your content, for a speedy go-live.

CMS implementation review

A full appraisal of content implementation and functionality opportunities in the VerseOne CMS.

2d graphics A
2d graphics A
2d graphics A
Discovery Process

Discovery Process 

At the start of the project we will work with your team to pose the questions to deliver information-led decision making. We will identify your key user personas and user journeys, and make sure all voices are heard as we reconcile stakeholder requirements. The findings can then set goals for the project  shape the direction of the design and user journeys.

Enhanced Engagement

Site-use surveys, public feedback, staff trust presentation. Engage deeper, source public opinion.

Requirements gathering workshops

Garner insights from all stakeholders to inform the scope, needs and objectives of your project.

User persona creation

Understand your solution in the context of personas that represent your users. 

User journey mapping

Touchpoints and signposting across your solution, with deep consideration of your personas.

End user workshops

Sessions with service users - Carers, Experts by Experience, PALS representatives.

Competitor analysis

What are other organisations in the same sector doing differently? 

User data analysis

Using heatmapping & analytics we interpret user behaviour so you can focus on what's important.

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Marketing Material

We can roll out your brand and messaging across all your marketing platforms, from social posts to email templates, ensure you have a cohesive approach to all your material. We can support your campaigns, launches and create initiatives with visual collateral and assets, on brand and on point.

Launch collateral

A solution go-live is an exciting time! Lets shout across channels, and introduce new users with a 'how-to'.

Campaign collateral

We can support campaigns, reactive or proactive, with layouts, templates & designs to help you do more.

Marketing strategy planning

With marketing exposure across a multitude of sectors and industries, we are well placed to advise.

Content creation and upload

Regularly updated content ranks higher in search engines, our retainer will keep your content fresh.

2d graphics A
2d graphics A
2d graphics A
Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Enhance your content with the magic of moving image - animations, idents and explainer videos.The use of motion graphics is an accessible, easy to understand way of presenting information to users. It can support the existing content on your website or Intranet, delivering information that will simplify your messaging and present it in an engaging way.

Instructional videos

A good animated or screen captured how-to video can mean the difference between success and failure.

2D marketing animation

Animated rich media is a surefire way to delight your users. It is more enagaging, period.

Animated GIFs

The humble GIF is still relevant in a number of places - emails, banners, messaging.

Idents / motion logos

Add a touch of animated finesse to your logo with an ident for use across other motion projects.

Video editing

Cutting and editing of live-action captured video; talking heads, virtual tour...

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Visual Identity

Your brand is very important, it is what makes you instantly recognisable it is the base for all your marketing and communications and getting the right brand perception and language is very important.  It is the way your organisation defines a consistent visual language encompasses logo design and design systems

Full brand design

Flexible workshops sessions and a full design service including brand guidelines document.

Logo and icon design

Standalone logo designs with rounds of amneds off the back of creative conversations.

Brand review

Gain insights into brand opportunities, or elaborate on your existing design system.

2d graphics A
2d graphics A
2d graphics A
Lets help take your project to the next level

Let's take your project to the next level

We provide a host of creative services from strategic to executional. Our strategic creative services help identify and remedy gaps in your brand strategy, whilst our tactical services address the rolling content and design needs of a successful awareness campaign.

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