Communities and Charities Fund

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Communities and Charities Fund

Communities and Charities Fund

VerseOne was founded in order to make a difference to the lives of people that work within and are reliant on services from Social Housing organisations and the NHS.

During this period, we have provided hundreds of transformative Digital Solutions that have truly empower our customers —who have, in turn, been able to deliver exceptional services and freedom of choice to millions of their customers throughout the UK.

As a further significant step in continuing to deliver on this commitment, we launched Communities and Charities Fund —set up directly to help and support good causes linked with those local communities that are supported by our customers.

The Communities and Charities Fund is complementary to the Innovation Fund, however, it is not an investment initiative—rather a source of funding to our customers’ existing community support and charitable initiatives. Some examples of recipients of this fund including Centre 56 a domestic abuse nursery supporting families who are experiencing abuse or are in crisis who were nominated by Regenda Group.

Alan Neilson, VerseOne Founder and Executive Chairman, explains 

For some time now, and certainly since launching the Innovation Fund, we’ve also been thinking about making a direct difference to good causes and community projects within the NHS and Social Housing sectors—by setting up a Communities and Charities Fund that would make direct contributions towards these.

In outline, the Communities and Charities Fund will be drawn down on a first come first served basis—with any qualifying application being made on behalf of a community project, supported and sponsored by that particular Social Housing or NHS organisation.

VerseOne is delighted to share this initiative with and further support the organisations that do so much for their residents and service users.