CHS embarked on a project to provide great online services as well to their 7,000 residents.

The Challenge

Allowing their customers to perform self-service activites online was a key goal for CHS Group. With the ever increasing need to let customers perform tasks at a time convenient to them, whenever they needed to, CHS Group asked VerseOne to help deliver a winning solution.

For CHS Group, it was important that their new customer portal should reflect a modern brand with a wide range of features, so that customers could be confident carrying out self-service online.

CHS Group Portal Design

The Solution

The new CHS Group portal means that customers can sign up and:

  • view account statements
  • view personal details
  • view repairs history
  • report new repairs of different types
  • read FAQs
  • make contact and other enquiries
  • see content targeted at their own personal circumstances
  • receive branded emails through the portal about neighbourhood news and promotions

The benefits

By using VerseOne CMS and Datafish to deliver their portal data and content, CHS Group have control over how their portal looks and works, and are able to use key functions such as email marketing to encourage sign-up and promote new content and features.

By having such a flexible and scalable solution CHS Group can be confident that their customer portal will be able to grow and adapt to theirs and their customers needs.

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