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VerseOne's abstracted persona development template

Five people sat around a desk with papers and laptops conducting planning

Understanding your audience is crucial to tailoring your message and content to appeal to your target demographic. Once you understand your audience, you need to effectively capture this information so it’s useable. This is where persona development comes into play.

Industry best practice centres around the creation of abstracted personas. These move you away from capturing stereotyped demographics, to focussing your profiles around goals and capabilities. You can glean this information by adopting a robust approach that uses data, surveys and real-life customer information to identify trends and uncover useful information that steers away from bias.

We’ve put together a simple and easy to use template, which your organisation can edit to effectively structure and capture your personas.

When building out these profiles, create one document per persona and be sure to make sure you’re:

  • Building unique profiles rather than copy and pasting.
  • Use real data you have collected and observed.
  • Focus on goals related to your product as it stands.
  • Be context specific and use information, behaviours and goals.

We delve into this topic in great detail as part of our three webinar series around ‘Understanding Your Audience’. These interactive sessions are led by our expert Creating Services team and you can also register your place using the links below:

Part 1: SEO, Google Analytics & Heatmapping

Part 2: Persona Development

Part 3: User Journey Mapping

To download the User Persona Template, simply the button below.

Access the template


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VerseOne announces AI Partnership with Microsoft

Birds eye view of multiple Mac laptops on a desk

In the ever-evolving technology landscape, generative AI has taken the world by storm. Industry leaders like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, MidJourney and Jasper have put this game changing technology in the hands of the many and it’s a trend that’s only set to compound.  

Technology giants like Microsoft are also working to the same vision. With solutions like Copilot making their way into the hands of organisations using the latest and greatest 365 suite. Over the years Microsoft have proven themselves to be at the forefront of these type of technological advances, which is further exemplified through the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner programme. 

This programme is a testament to their commitment to fostering collaboration and driving advancements in artificial intelligence. It brings together industry innovators who share a common goal: harnessing the power of AI to transform businesses and enhance customer experiences. 

We’re proud to be a member of this partner programme. We see the benefits the advancement of AI can bring to organisations across both the NHS and social housing, and its transformative potential for the suite of VerseOne digital solutions. 

Our Product Team demonstrated several generative content proofs of concept during the VerseOne Customer Days at the end of 2023, and the team are working hard to fold these into the VerseOne DXP during the first half of 2024. 

In addition, our teams are formulating further applications for AI across all disciplines. VerseOne’s upcoming Product Roadmaps will lay out the company’s plans for incorporating value-add AI across our product lines. 

Our partnership with Microsoft aims to emphasises a dedication to security, compliance, and ethical AI practices. Allowing our clients to not only benefit from cutting-edge technology but also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with responsible and secure AI solutions. 

For more information around our involvement in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner programme, simply get in touch

Microsoft AI Partner logo

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South West Ambulance Service unveils their brand new website

Ambulance car in carpark by the coast

It’s been a busy week at VerseOne HQ, with our third go-live of the week…

We’re thrilled to share the exciting news that South West Ambulance Service has successfully launched their brand-new website!

Embarking on their digital transformation journey 2023, our team worked closely with John and the wider team at South West Ambulance Service to host a series of workshops and shape an engaging and accessible website that helps them meet their strategic goals.

The website development focused on a rapid build, incorporating the application of their distinctive branding and logo. The primary objectives were crystal clear – to provide users with an easy and quick navigation experience, delivering a clean, slick, and modern website which is lighter than the existing site. The spotlight was on key pages, including 'Get in touch,' 'Press office,' and 'About us.'

It's always gratifying to witness the successful culmination of a project, and we really enjoyed working with South West Ambulance on this exciting and engaging new website.

Want to see it for yourself? Take a look here:

'That’s great, thank you! The website is up and running, it's fantastic!'

Rachael Mower, Web Communications Officer

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It’s all systems go: York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trusts' intranet is now live!

Screenshot of the Intranet

It’s been a busy start to the week for the VerseOne team – with yet another go-live. This time, it’s the successful launch of the York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trusts' Intranet!

Recognising the importance of a unified information hub for their staff back in 2021, York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals partnered with us to introduce a staff intranet. The primary goal of this project was to create a central platform, that can be accessed from any device and caters to the diverse needs of their workforce; encouraging engagement and enhancing connectivity across the entire Trust.

An employee intranet is more than just a digital platform. It’s a central hub of information that becomes a powerful tool for communication, knowledge sharing, and engagement, ultimately contributing to a more cohesive and empowered workforce.

We’re proud to have helped guide the York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals MHS Foundation Trust along their digital transformation journey, and want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this a seamless and enjoyable project. We can’t wait to see the great results and day to day efficiencies they can glean off the back of our work together.


The new Intranet looks great, thank you!

Emma Clement, Head of Communications

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Celebrating success: SWLSTG launches their cutting-edge website!

View of South West London & St. Georges Mental Health Trust building from the outside

This week, we’re proud to announce that South West London & St. Georges Mental Health Trust (SWLSTG) have launched their new website!

SWLSTG’s new website was part of a bigger project that involved delivering websites for Oxleas, SWLSTG and South London and Maudsley NHS Trusts. They saw the need to implement a responsive and intuitive website, that was not only compatible for desktop, but provided and enhanced experience on tablet and smartphones, for users in any location. They outlined a core set of objectives that would enable them to:

  • Develop a digital presence superior to other Trusts in the region
  • Position the Trust as a forward thinking, tech embracing organisation
  • Create a consistent user experience across their digital presence
  • Consolidate their full web estate under one governance model and platform/CMS

At the heart of this accomplishment is a dynamic team that worked tirelessly to bring the project to life; this really was the definition of a true team effort. The culmination of which reflects in a responsive and intuitive website that positions SWLSTG as a digital innovator within the NHS, fostering a consistent user experience that they can truly be proud of.

We love it when a successful project comes together, and we want to thank everyone from the SWLSTG team for their contribution in bringing this to life.

If you’d like to take a look at their new site, you can do so here:

'The Go live went well and thank you everybody for your help.'

Anna Babich, Web Content and Digital Curation Manager

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North London Mental Health Partnership website has gone live!

I am delighted to announce that we have launched the North London Mental Health Partnership website! 

This project initially was to create an intranet (that we launched in February 2023) and a website for Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.  Just as we launched the intranet, a joining of a partnership occurred between Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust and Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust - creating North London Mental Health Partnership. 

This lead to a re-scoping and a new phase of workshops and design work to bring together both trusts ideas into a new unique over arching brand for the partnership.

The site can be viewed here:

See what the team had to say:

Thank you for your help and John for making it look amazing. We’ve had good feedback so far! - Lee-Ann 

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Mid and South Essex - RingCentral integration goes live!

Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust and VerseOne have been working on an integration project with RingCentral Telephone directory which has now gone live!

The integration makes use of the available API's to bring through the live telephone information into the intranet so all staff have an up to date, searchable directory to be able to get direct numbers quickly and easily. It also employs a layer logic within the VerseOne Autevo layer to transform the data based on a set of predefined rules to display numbers within the correct format for the various departments.

Keith from MSE had the below to say about the project 

The staging environment worked perfectly for their testing and felt any amends were actioned very fast – sometimes within hours of their feedback which really impressed

Future plans are looking towards integrating this with the staff directory to have a full seamless experience to be able to contact teams, wards and individuals directly all from the same space on the intranet.

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Northamptonshire NHS - East Midlands Alliance website has gone live!

Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust commissioned a microsite which will act as a hub of information for the East Midlands Alliance for Mental Health and Learning Disabilities. 

The website aim is to provide the latest news, updates and case studies about the latest work of the Alliance, as well as being a hub of information to find out about the different collaboratives that deliver mental health services across the East Midlands (such as Adult Eating Disorders).  Each collaborative is run by one of the six provider organisations who make up the Alliance and work in partnership together:

• Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

• Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

• Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

• Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

• Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

• St Andrew’s Healthcare

The design of the site was focused on bringing all the above together into one design and one platform that would allow them to manage all the content in the same place and as NHFT were an existing customer it allowed them to make use of the pre-existing modules already available to the NHFT team.


The site can be viewed here:

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Hertfordshire Community NHS Website Redesign

The final part of the wider HCT Website and Intranet project involved redesigning the Hertfordshire Community Trust website.

The previous design was minimal, due to speed in which it needed to be moved off Umbraco so this phase 2 was more thorough, further improving UX and incorporating more design elements used in the redesign of their CYPT dedicated pages, which was another part of this project.

The key goals of the site was: a user friendly design, a really clear information architecture and a focus on accessibilty. Furthermore it was integral to the team that they can manage both the website and intranet from one platform, allowing them to save time and to remove duplicated out of date content allowing them to better manage the integrity of the content going forward.

The sites can be viewed here:

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Wishing the NHS a very happy 75th Birthday


Few of us who remember 1948 are still with us. A smashed continent rebuilding only three years after a global war. A country mourning her dead as her population worked together to restore the UK.

Out of the rubble, on 5th July 1948, arose the NHS. A simple concept – healthcare for all, free at the point of use – but one that no other nation had been bold enough to attempt. A unifying idea for the United Kingdom, a national treasure envied by the world.  

We have all, through birth, life and ultimately death, been nurtured by the NHS and its dedicated staff. Through the COVID lockdowns, we clapped for our carers. The NHS, its clinicians and other colleagues are dear to all our hearts.  

VerseOne is proud to have been a part of the NHS’s journey over the past 20 years. The small contributions we have made to a larger cause are aimed at providing digital solutions to support NHS staff to deliver better provision of patient care and we look forward to the next 75 years.  

Please join us in taking a bit of time to be thankful for all that we get from our healthcare service as they celebrate a magnificent achievement on their 75th anniversary. 

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VerseOne wins Integrated Health Awards

Integrated Health award logo

VerseOne is pleased to announce winning Staffing Solution of the year at the Integrated Health Awards. We entered the Intranet solution created for Birmingham Women’s and Children's Hospital (BWC).

The Integrated Health Awards focus on transformation, improvement and positive change within the healthcare sector and each year there is strong competition for the awards.

The main driver for the Intranet project for BWC was to encourage higher levels of staff engagement, with personalised experience, an improved search function and an intuitive resource for content to support staff in their roles. 

Chris Davies, Director of Communications and Engagement at BWC, said: “We are all very pleased to have won this award for our Trust intranet. It was a great project to work on and we look forward to continually developing the platform to support colleagues across BWC.”

VerseOne delivered this award winning project last year and has had lots of great feedback including an increase in adoption from staff at the Trust.

Dan King - Head of Customer accounts said:

“From the very start of the project all the way through to go live it was evident that this project was going to be a real show case and example of what true staff engagement should look like.

During mock-up stages the BWC team continuously involving different stakeholders to get their views and the end result is an intranet that really benefited from this approach. Excitingly, this project marks the first phase of the intranet and BWC are already looking how to keep building upon the great work already delivered.”


If you have been inspired by the BWC Intranet, please speak to our NHS team, who would be delighted to hear your thoughts on forthcoming projects.

The full published entry below.


Verseone sought to create a new Intranet for Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital.


The new Intranet was to encourage higher levels of staff engagement, with personalised experience, an improved search function and an intuitive resource for content to support staff in their roles. 

What happened? 

The trust aimed to deliver a personalised experience and so gained staff feedback on what mattered, implementing polls and forms to allow them to have their say, and giving them the option to favourite content so that the interface was personalised to their interests. Gaining stakeholder adoption was a key objective from the start; this was achieved through workshops, beta testing and focus groups. A clear communication plan was set to enable maximum adoption and adoption rates were high as a result. Verseone shares that the design was engaging and easy to navigate; the language speaks directly to the user; and signposting is clear, enabling users to access health and wellbeing along with equality, diversity and inclusion hubs. 

Looking ahead. 

Additions for the project are to include new system integrations and staff forums which will allow for a social space on the Intranet. 

Read the winners story

Click to view all the applications in the Staffing Solution Category.

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Launch of the Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust's Intranet

C&I Divisions DarkMode - iMac (2020).png

VerseOne is delighted to announce that we have launched the Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust's Intranet.

The desire for a new intranet came from the need to be able to create and publish content once - creating consistent messaging, a clean layout, whilst adhering to NHS branding and Accessibility standards. They wanted a solution on a unified platform so that the Intranet and website could sit side by side and enable the Trust to become efficient at updating these systems, and ensure the content is kept up to date. 

A special feature on the site is the ability to have day and night mode - this allows content to be viewed in low light settings without being obtrusive - especially key when used on patient wards at night.

Lee-Ann Aldridge, Digital Communications Manager said “Thanks again to you all for your help today and dealing with any issues that have come up.  I’ll be lifting a champagne glass this evening!!"


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New charity appeal site for Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

MyHospitalsCharity - ipad.png

VerseOne is delighted to announce the go live of Mid Yorkshire Hospital NHS trust new Charity Appeal website.

The new website will support the activities of the charity team in their current fundraising  appeal for an MRI Diagnostic Suite at Pinderfields Hospital.

MY Hospital charity is the registered charity and is in place to allocate funds to projects to elevate the physical and emotional wellbeing of patients and staff and improve facilities across the Trust.

In the last year  MY Hospital Charity has distributed around 500,00 to more than 25 projects including specialist endocrinology chairs, creating a baby bereavement suite for grieving parents and arranging visits from therapy huskies.

The new website gives visitors access to details about the latest appeal, information about the charity and previous fundraising projects along with the ability to make online donations.

'The site is amazing, thank you.' Callum Pollard, Fundraising Manager.

Visit the website 

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New Website for The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The project for The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was to create a new staff intranet and website via a single platform for both sites that would allow them to easily manage content in one central unified platform. Delivering the project on one platform was vital to the customer so they could maintain constancy with the layout and branding is ensuring compliance with the NHS branding and accessibility standards. Now the new website has been completed work has started on the new Intranet.

Lucy Wills, Digital Communications manager said Manager, ‘It’s brilliant and smooth operating….everyone here is very happy!’

Visit the website

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New Website for Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust


VerseOne is delighted to announce the launch of Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust’s new website.

This project formed  part of the wider South London Partnership project to deliver websites for Oxleas, South West London and St Georges Mental Health and South London and Maudsley NHS Trusts on to one CMS platform.

One of the key objectives for the site was to develop the Trust’s digital presence, positioning them as a forward thinking, trust who embraces new technology. 

Theresa May, Communications Manager, has since reported that the site has been well received internally and they are looking forward to wider feedback from patients now the site is live.

Visit the website 

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