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Content & Compliance Modules

Front-end editing

Create and edit news stories, blog posts, events, jobs descriptions, FAQs, and more (complete with rich media), instantly and in situ on your website—no need to even log into the CMS.

Document Life Cycle Management

Document management and control is a vital part of any online repository of information. In order to meet organisational goals and ensure quality, safety, and consistency of process, members of staff need quick and reliable to access to the most up-to-date policies, procedures, and guidance.

Document Collaboration

Document Collaboration allows organisations to ask staff to contribute to new draft policies and other documents while they are being prepared.

Accessible Documents Creator (ADC)

Unlock your information through universal access to documents…

Intuitive access to information is essential on any website, but is critical for public sector organisations serving a wide range of service users and members of the general public.

With such sites, huge amounts of information is often locked up in large, bandwidth-hungry documents, in Word or PDF format — with many organisations struggling to find the time and resources needed to create mobile-friendly and truly Accessible documents.

VerseOne’s Accessible Document Creator solves this problem by automatically reading Word and PDF documents, and converting them into clean, Accessible HTML pages — complete with in-page navigation indexes, links to the original document, and all the benefits of VerseOne’s Document Lifecycle Management.

Teams can simply upload their document, tick the Conversion option, and be confident that everyone can access it.