VerseOne M365 Integration diagram

Microsoft 365 Integration

Build your all-integrated Intranet Employee Experience (EX) solution seamlessly and rapidly using VerseOne’s Intranet EX platform and the entire M365 suite. As a Microsoft preferred Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and AI Cloud Partner, we bring to life the power of Microsoft’s M365 suite — delivering beautifully designed Employee Experience solutions for mobile and anywhere access 24x7.

Powered by Microsoft’s global Azure Cloud environment, our M365 integration-ready Intranet EX uses the full power of the entire M365 to communicate and collaborate in order to increase efficiency and productivity through one unified and on-brand interface. Log in once and access all the tools you need at your fingertips.

This means that our customers enjoy a familiar functionality in an on-brand environment, whether they’re everyday users or power administrators, helping them get the most out of their time, effort and M365 through our Intranet EX solutions.

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M365 Staff Directory displayed on a mobile device

Active Directory Secure Single Sign-on

Secure "any-place, any-device access" is absolutely critical to any successful intranet project. VerseOne uses Active Directory (AD) Single Sign-On (SSO) via ADFS / OIDC EntraID / NHS Mail to securely and seamlessly authenticate users. AD authentication unlocks the world of M365 integration, empowering users to leverage the power of the M365 application suite whilst positively supporting your organisation's brand.

VerseOne's SSO authentication suite also enables users to login via their mobile devices — either through the browser of via our Progressive Web App (PWA) — using their onboard biometrics. This ensures that employees — especially front-line staff — can gain seamless and personalised access to critical organisational information even where a computer is not available.

M365 Staff Directory, showing search and hierarchy

M365 Staff Directory

We know that one of the most essential parts of any intranet, especially in large organisations, is the Staff Directory — but dedicated directories are often cumbersome and out of date.

VerseOne draws your Staff Directory information directly from Active Directory, using this "single source of truth" to ensure that all staff adhere to your organisation's policies for photos and information completeness.

A powerful search and hierarchical display enables your staff to easily find the users that they are looking for (even on the NHS N365 "national tenant"), and to reliably contact them — directly through Teams or Outlook — and to Follow colleagues and frequently contacted employees.

With VerseOne's M365 integration, you can even empower your staff to update selected information in their own record, and so helping to maintain accuracy through crowdsourcing changes.

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Document Lists from M365 Sharepoint

M365 Sharepoint Integration

VerseOne's out of the box Sharepoint + OneDrive integration enables organisations to take advantage of M365 for document collaboration, to publish versioned documents that leverage the power of VerseOne's CQC-compliant Document Auto-Governance Engine.

VerseOne's Sharepoint integration can also be configured to enable access to non-AD users, enabling universal access without incurring further costs on licences.

VerseOne's Sharepoint Connector enables organisations to augment the power of M365 Sharepoint with VerseOne's designed-for-purpose Employee Experience platform.

Teams chat and news updates in a Departmental Page on the Intranet

Teams Integration for Collaboration

Teams is the go-to tool across the industry, with its powerful communications features and tight integration with the M365 application suite, VerseOne's Teams integration facilitates instant collaboration.

With our intranet Teams integration, staff can start conversations from a Staff Directory entry, or join a meeting directly within one of their Channels with a single click, which launches Teams straight from the browser.

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M365 Calendar Integration

Make events a success through calendars

VerseOne's Calendar Integration enables you to keep everyone up to date, by integrating personal and shared Outlook calendars in your intranet. From booking meeting rooms, through accepting invites and arranging meetings (including suggestions as to when meeting participants are free), to joining company events, it’s easy to interact with M365 calendars in your intranet.

Users can even display to-do lists on your intranet — mark items as complete, set reminders directly from content, and add new tasks.

Showing relevant document and news items identified by MS Delve

Delve into personalised content

Microsoft's powerful AI-driven Delve feature uses intelligent algorithms to order and present M365 files and documents that are of most interest to your users.

VerseOne's Delve integration allows you to leverage this powerful and personalised feature, and to display it on your Employee Experience platform.

Users can add favorites, create boards, and see what colleagues are working on to create personalised area — and all without compromising security.

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M365 PowerBI Integration

Data-driven Decisions with PowerBI Dashboards

For customers looking to build board portals or management dashboards, we integrate with tools like Power BI to present the data you need, in the format you want, in real-time across your organisation.

With the power of data at your fingertips, you can measure engagement and performance, take decisions supported by data, and understand how to improve even further.

VerseOne's PowerBI integration brings the world of data into focus.

A diagram shows AI writing, and Accessibility and Sentiment scores

Azure AI Partner

We use artificial intelligence (AI) to help customers with the process of creating and publishing content, leveraging Microsoft Azure's inbuilt CoPilot AI and other tools to do so.

As an AI Cloud Partner with Microsoft, which is investing at least $1 billion per annum in the field, our platform has AI tightly integrated: you can generate Accessible articles, summarise long documents, measure Sentiment and more — all through AI and directly within VerseOne's Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

We even use Microsoft's AI Computer Vision to effortlessly generate alternative (alt) tags and captions for your images, so that you can include everyone.

We are also leveraging AI Data Analysis to perform greater insights, and set auto-governance rules to automatically keep your content fresh and trusted.

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A selection of Microsoft logos

Azure Managed Cloud Services

VerseOne uses Microsoft Azure to build our Managed Cloud Services environment to host our customer solutions — with all data stored within the UK. Augmenting our Managed Cloud Services team with the expertise of our Microsoft partnership, VerseOne offers 24/7/365 management of the hosting platform, through building our own secure high-performance, high-availability elements as a service wrapper.

VerseOne customers manage 350+ digital solutions serving in excess of 4.5 billion hits every year: with the Azure team behind us, our Managed Cloud Services environment maintains 99.99% uptime whilst successfully defeating more than 25 million attacks each year. 

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