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How to Log a Ticket

Preferred method: Email, describing the actions you took that resulted in the issue and what you saw that indicated there was a problem. Please include a screenshot if possible.

By phone: Call 01483 672 555 and speak to one of our customer care team. (UK business hours only.)

For quick queries: Visit the bottom of any page in this website and start a live chat support session with a member of the team.

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How Your Ticket Is Triaged and Assigned

When your ticket comes in to our support desk, we take the following actions to ascertain the nature of the problem and who is best placed to resolve it for you.

Step 1: We assess your issue according to the priority levels explained below and assign a priority.

Step 2: We follow the steps you describe in order to reproduce the issue, and note down any additional detail such as information from the error log or screenshots.

Step 3: We assign your issue to one of the following teams:

  • First Line Support - can resolve most P3 and P4 issues there and then.
  • Second Line Support - addresses issues that require access to the CMS code, database, or server.
  • Creative Support - addresses issues that require access to the stylesheets and HTML of the site.
  • Third Line Support - works with deep or more complicated technical issues.

Step 4: We reply to your ticket with a resolution or information about which team your issue has been escalated to. On some occasions we may ask you for more detail or clarification. If this happens, we will put your ticket into an "Awaiting Customer Response" bucket and resume at Step 2 when we hear back from you.

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What Do Priority Levels Mean?

When your issue is triaged, it is assigned a Priority Level according to the Service Level Agreement. This governs the target response and resolution times for your issue. Priority Levels are described below, with examples to help you better predict how your issue will be prioritised.

We begin the SLA timer when we have enough information from you to begin resolution work on the ticket. All target times are within hours of cover (Mon-Fri 09:00 to 17:30, excluding UK Bank Holidays).

Priority Levels

Call Priority


Target Response time

Target resolution time


Priority One

An application cannot be accessed by all users. A public site or intranet has multiple pages not displayed to the visitor. Usually fixed same day or a workaround provided whilst a permanent resolution to the issue is found.

30 minutes

4 hours

  • Website/intranet outage
  • CMS outage
  • Suspected data protection breach
  • Suspected intrusion event


Priority Two

An application cannot be accessed by multiple users or has multiple errors affecting multiple users. A public site or intranet has multiple page errors displayed to the visitor.

1 hour

1 day

  • Multiple users unable to log in to CMS
  • Multiple users unable to log in to portal or extranet
  • Multiple users unable to register to portal or extranet
  • Multiple users unable to edit or publish content in the CMS
  • Portal data not updating
  • Rent payment or Direct Debit forms not working
  • Single sign-on not working
  • Multiple users not receiving form notification emails
  • Major visible errors in website or intranet

Priority Three

An application cannot be accessed by a single user, has an error affecting a single user or has a minor bug. A public site or intranet has errors on a single page displayed to the visitor.

4 hours

5 days

  • Single user not able to log in to CMS
  • Single user not able to log in to portal or extranet
  • Single user not able to register for portal or extranet
  • Problems with resetting passwords
  • Single user not able to edit or publish content
  • CMS errors in a specific module or functionality
  • Major or minor content display issues caused by stylesheets

Priority Four

An application, public site or intranet has a minor bug and affected users are able to continue working.

4 hours

10 days


  • Creating new CMS users
  • Creating new CMS content
  • Updating CMS content
  • Small styling issues or changes
  • Queries regarding Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Tag Manager, and tracking codes
  • Redirect requests
  • Site enhancement requests taking less than 10 minutes to implement

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If Your Ticket Is Re-Categorised

Sometimes your query doesn't fall into any of the lines of support or priority levels described above. In these cases, your ticket may be reassigned into in one of the following categories:

Account Management: If your ticket is a request that represents chargeable work, it will be categorised as Account Management, and your account manager at VerseOne will get in touch to discuss options with you.

Product Defect: Sometimes your issue will be a defect in VerseOne CMS itself. If after investigation we determine that it is a product bug, we will log this in our bug-tracking system. Defect priority levels are generally the same as above, but the SLAs around them are different. If the bug you've discovered has a workaround, we will advise you of this, and keep your ticket up to date with information about when you can expect the bug to be resolved in a maintenance release of VerseOne CMS.

Product Enhancement: Sometimes your issue is a request for new product functionality. Enhancement requests are presented monthly at VerseOne's Product Board meeting. If the Product Board wishes to proceed with the request, we will let you know, and keep your ticket up to date with information about when you can expect the functionality to be included in a release of VerseOne CMS.

Pending Maintenance Upgrade: Sometimes the issue you're reporting is a known defect or limitation in the maintenance version you are working with, which has been fixed or improved in a later maintenance release of the product. If that's the case, we'll add you to the upgrade queue and notify your account manager and our Project Management Office so that they can advise you of options and dates for upgrade.

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