VerseOne DXP: the foundation of your digital solution

To gain the benefits of digital transformation, you need the right technology foundation — a hugely powerful, scalable and future proofed Digital eXperience Platform with personalisation, automation and integration at its heart.

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Our vision

In 2004, VerseOne was founded to use innovative technologies to make a positive impact on the lives of people in Social Housing and the NHS — for both their service users and their staff.

While these sectors have undergone many changes in the intervening two decades, VerseOne has held true this founding vision — and its solutions support some 20 million citizens and more than 350,000 staff across the UK. 

VerseOne’s deep sector knowledge coupled with its powerful Digital eXperience Platform (DXP) is the perfect partner for driving engagement through digital solutions. 

The numbers that count

Market-leading Digital Experience Management — delivering powerful personalisation, integration and automation 

  • 300+ digital engagement solutions in Social Housing and the NHS
  • 40+ powerful sector-specific Modules
  • 20m+ people served

The power of Digital Experience

VerseOne's Digital eXperience Platform (DXP) is a set of integrated technology components that together provide the tools to create, manage and deliver digital experiences customers love.

An effective DXP requires the right framework to streamline digital experience management — orchestrating the integration and interaction of diverse technologies to deliver optimised and personalised experiences across multiple touchpoints in the customer journey.

Modular but integrated technology building blocks allow customers to start small while keeping future growth in mind — allowing for smooth expansion of capabilities in line with your organisation's growth.

Modular but integrated

VerseOne DXP is a powerful, scalable platform for digital experience delivery, streamlined automation, and straight-through integration

  • Planned up time

    Powerful content management

    The core of VerseOne DXP is a powerful content management platform with a suite of 40+ sector-specific Modules that expand the capabilities when your organisation is ready

  • Secure as standard

    Secure by design

    At VerseOne, security is a first-class citizen and our software is built according to the principle of security by design — as evidenced by our ISO27001 security accredition

  • Pin point recovery


    Personalised content is more engaging — and VerseOne DXP's adaptive analytics, automated content lifecycle management and powerful permissions deliver effortlessly targeted content

  • UK only data centre


    No matter what the future holds, VerseOne DXP's scalable, API-first architecture lets you build modern, flexible, and extensible solutions for personalisation, automation and integration

  • Intergration

    Effortless integration

    No rip and replace. No vendor lock-in. VerseOne DXP integrates with your existing tools, delivering more value for your business

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    VerseOne Business Process Automator lets you streamline, digitalise and automate your processes

Content delivered intelligently

With a 20-year pedigree in delivering successful, exemplar websites, intranets and portals in the NHS and Social Housing, VerseOne has huge experience in user experience (UX) techniques, user interface design and realisation — combined with a deep technical expertise in systems integration and data flow management.

Over 90 man-years has been invested in VerseOne Digital eXperience Platform (DXP) — a modular and integrated suite of powerful products developed to solve some of the most common and complex issues within our chosen sectors, and so deliver swift and real Return on Investment (RoI) and delivering on our ESG promise for our Social Housing and NHS customers.

Our software applications are built on a shared, integrated, Open Standards-based framework that enables our customers to deliver great content — rich with interactive media, visually engaging, sustainable and easy to navigate for users and admins alike — and to intelligently leverage standards-compliant core data in order to drive real personalisation, efficient automation, and true integration.

With the power and flexibility of the platform underpinning more than 300 Social Housing and NHS solutions, and serving more than 400 million hits every month to 20m+ citizens and 350,000+ staff, VerseOne DXP is a market-leading Digital Experience powerhouse.

Harness the power of AI to deliver greater engagement


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    Secure Account Creation

    VerseOne DXP supports secure account creation out of the box, either through multiple Registration Pathways, or automatically through your ID provider — such as Active Directory.

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    Unlimited Access Groups

    With your users assigned to one or many Access Groups, content can be targeted in any number of ways, whether based on location, interests, departments, roles, and more.

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    Recognition & Rewards

    Build staff community, wellbeing and engagement by enabling peer recognition, publish leaderboards for gamification, and organisation-sponsored rewards for digital interactions.

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    Adaptive Personalisation

    Ensure effective “cut through” by automatically targeting content to those who most need it, matching content and user attributes — ensuring that staff and stakeholders can swiftly gain the important information they need.


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    AI-powered Site Building

    Set categories and tags into structured taxonomies, and let your website or intranet build itself through the power of AI-driven data relationships to display related content.

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    Recommendation Analytics

    AI-driven analysis of popularity of content — driven through hits, favouriting, and other engagement — allows you to see which content is gaining the most engagement, and automatically surface it across your digital properties.

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    AI Content Auto-Refresh

    Maintain trust in the accuracy of your solution by allowing the Auto-Refresh AI Engine to flag content for automated retirement or re-publishing based on usage, popularity, and engagement.

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    Business Process Automator (BPA)

    Leverage the power of VerseOne’s Business Process Automator (BPA) to streamline and automate your process, reduce training and qualification overheads, and improve audit and compliance.


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    Open Standards API

    VerseOne DXP’s powerful fully-document, Open Standards RESTful API provides a powerful integration interface for data input/output (I/O), allowing for near-infinite expansion and future-proofing of your solution.

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    M365 Integration

    Take advantage of the power of Microsoft Active Directory, Sharepoint, Teams and other M365 applications with VerseOne’s out of the box integrations, to enhance and personalise your online solutions.

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    Enterprise Integrations

    Expand your VerseOne DXP solution into a hub for straight-through processing, providing a brand-trusted, intuitive and unified interface that is fully integrated with your business critical systems.

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    Multi-Channel Publishing

    Leverage integrated tools and resources for intelligent content creation, including SEO, Accessibility algorithms, and AI Content Generators — and benefit from one-click multi-Channel promotion.

Security & Compliance

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    Data-driven Decisions

    Intelligent Analytics across your intranet enables you to closely monitor the health of your intranet content, optimise popular communications across multiple Channels, be responsive to staff Sentiment, and effortlessly maintain your solution as a vital tool at the heart of your organisation.

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    Compliance and Audit

    Within VerseOne DXP, content is Versioned and actions logged in an Audit History, and gathered into a suite of reports and dashboards, so that you can view and changes, and take actions to develop and secure your solutions.

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    Security as First-Class Citizen

    All of your data is safe within our “secure by design” platform where security is a first-class citizen, independently audited through third party Penetration Tests, CyberEssentials accreditation and external ISO27001 audits.

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    Delivering at Speed, 24x7x365

    VerseOne DXP solutions are delivered through our secure, high-availability Azure Managed Cloud Services environment — ensuring that, even under heavy load, your solution delivers your critical information, at speed, 24x7x365.

VerseOne delivers success

To effectively harness the potential of digital, you need the right partner — with the right platform, the right processes, and the right people.

VerseOne DXP is a hugely powerful and future-proofed platform, delivering personalisation, automation and integration to more than one hundred Social Housing and NHS organisations across the UK.

Combined with VerseOne's deep sector knowledge and ISO9001 accredited processes, VerseOne DXP delivers real RoI — both now and into the future…

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