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Media manager


Media Manager is one of the core components of VerseOne CMS and has been built to ensure that incorporating exciting media into your shared content is as easy and accessible as possible. Never worry again about fiddling with desktop photo editors or trying to recall when images need to be re-licensed.



Slideshows allow for a display of a series of pictures, chosen for artistic or instructional purposes. This is a key trend in website design today as it allows for an interactive way to display information to the users.

News and blogs


Blogs Manager locks smoothly into your VerseOne solution to enable you to create multiple blogs for your website or intranet, where members of your organisation can offer up-to-date, specialised content in a less formal and more interactive setting than key corporate pages of your site.

Digital online forms


Online forms are an excellent method for reducing costs in paper and administration, collecting and reporting on feedback and other data, and pulling customers or staff members to your website or intranet. Online forms are easier for your users: no downloading, printing or posting.



Built-in personalisation tools deliver what the user wants to see and use, such as related content, favourites, documents awaiting their attention, and updates on changes in content—without sacrificing your ability to use central channels to win hearts and minds.

Code droplets


Code Droplets enable advanced users such as IT teams to extend the functionality of your VerseOne solution through the use of custom code snippets.

Code Droplets lets users leverage JavaScript snippets and to write their own placements using industry standard HTML and CSS. These can be re-used on pages and multiple websites throughout a VerseOne CMS installation.

Secure Site Areas

Secure Site Areas

Targeting relevant content at appropriate audiences is a key component of any website or intranet, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to create access-only areas of your site for the use of specific groups within your general audience. Secure Site Areas for VerseOne CMS allow you to do just that.

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Now, with VerseOne’s PECR Options, you can inform your website visitors about the cookies associated with your site and give them the choice about how to handle them.

Feed Manager


Feed Manager for VerseOne CMS allows you to create, manage, and customise data feeds from external sources—such as RSS syndication and .csv files—and display them dynamically on your website or intranet. Give your users the option to read general news from your sector, peruse your organisation’s KPIs, or view all of your relevant feeds at once for maximum convenience.

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