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Does your intranet help to measure and enhance employee happiness?

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72% of all employees in Europe are “quiet quitting”, whilst Inside Housing warns that more than half of social housing employees expect to move jobs in the next 12 months. 

How is your Housing Association measuring and enhancing employee happiness? 

VerseOne is running a free-of-charge webinar on Employee Experience Management in the housing sector. In an interactive format, our experts and delegates will discuss how technology can help with: 

• Cultural Alignment: understand your purpose, values and feel a sense of belonging

• Engagement: a personalised digital experience that is relevant to their role

• Productivity: access docs, info and apps, plus curated content, on-the-go

• Recognition: nominate their peers, share good news, and receive rewards 

Our Employee Experience Platform (EXP), built for the unique needs of social housing employees, is the solution to helping staff be more productive, engaged, and ultimately happy in the workplace. It brings a suite of tools to the fingertips of staff and managers: 

• A Personal Zone where people can access their tagged files and key apps

• Comms and collaboration software to share information and work effectively 

• Community-building tools for clubs, events and other fun stuff 

• Votes, likes and other means of rewards and recognition to spread joy 

• Automation and AI to disseminate information faster and keep it current

• Integration to systems like Microsoft 365, HR, workplace and more

• Compliance, Security and Governance to keep people and data safe 

• Monitoring of employee value, engagement, happiness and wellbeing

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