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WCAG 2.2: Everything you need to enhance your web accessibility rating

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Within the NHS accessibility can be a real challenge and making content for all is vital for inclusion and patient experience. With the new WCAG 2.2 guidelines coming into effect in May, organisations are looking for a solution to make all documents, including guides, patient information leaflets and public board reports searchable and accessible.  

In this webinar we will cover:

  • What we mean by Web Accessibility - More than just WCAG
  • How IA and design can enhance accessibility
  • Accessible document conversion 
  • Culture, diversity and accessibility implications
  • Top tips for creating a more inclusive solution

On websites there can be numerous PDF documents containing advice and guidance, which may only appear in PDF format and are not accessible and take time to download on mobile devices.

Alongside practical advice on how to make your website WCAG 2.2 compliant, we will demonstrate our safe and secure conversion tool that will effortlessly convert PDF and Word documents to HTML. This will help unlock content and make it searchable for all your visitors. It will also save money and improve efficiencies without the need to duplicate content on the website or wait for accessible versions to be emailed directly to visitors.

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