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Understanding Your Audience Part 3: User Journey Mapping

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You’ve identified your audience, understood their characteristics and caught their attention – and now they’ve landed on your website to find out more. Result! But, now what?

Providing a seamless experience for your audience once they’ve made it to your website is just as important as getting them there in the first place. And the key to providing a seamless experience is mapping out an engaging and effective user journey.

User journey mapping is a powerful tool that helps organisations visualise and understand the end-to-end experience of their target audience. To show you how to conduct effective user journey mapping, Part 3 of our ‘Understanding Your Audience’ series will take place on Wednesday 6th March at 11:00.

This 45 minute session will cover:

  • The benefits of visualising the user journey.
  • How to identify pain points and opportunities.
  • Enhancing customer-centric decision-making.
  • Using journey mapping to support continuous improvement.

By attending this session you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a 30 minute discovery session that focusses on how to conduct effective user journey mapping.

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