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Driving employee engagement through Staff Recognition

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Job satisfaction comes from more than just a salary. And with 41% of unengaged employees stating that being recognised for their contributions would be their number one driver for re-engagement, improving the employee experience has never been more important.

To tackle this problem, organisations are looking to digital solutions to elevate the employee experience and improve staff retention. As a trusted provider of digital solutions to the NHS with a workforce of over 22,000 people, we’ve worked with Barts Health NHS Trust to create a Reward and Recognition platform that utilise real-time messaging for instantaneous recognition, without the expected administrative burden.

On Tuesday 9th April at 11:00am, we’ll showcase our collaborative work with Barts Health NHS Trust, and share best practice insights around building an effective and successful rewards and recognition programme.

By attending this session, you’ll discover how to:

  • Automate your rewards program to reduce admin time.
  • Customise the branding of your monthly/quarterly rewards program.
  • Introduce real-time voting for instantaneous recognition.
  • Streamline and facilitate your annual staff awards.
  • Showcase your most nominated employees without human intervention.
  • Increase staff recognition and improve the employee experience.

All webinar attendees will have the opportunity to receive a personalised discovery call to help shape your employee rewards program. Attendees will also receive thought leadership content which proves the value of staff recognition.

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