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How digital life stories help people living with Dementia and cognitive impairment

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Across the UK, more than 944,000 people are living with Dementia. 

People living with memory loss may experience problems with communication and struggle to tell health professionals what matters most to them. This can affect the level of care they receive, the levels of happiness they feel on a daily basis and their overall standard of living. This is where digital Life Stories has the power to make a real impact. 

Using digital life stories, individuals, staff and families can fully explore the benefits of memory work, easily communicate key needs, enhance inter-generational understanding and remain easily accessible and sharable on any digital device.

This enables healthcare professionals to empower people through: 

·        Structured and psychological-based help with memory recall and communication 

·        Giving them a sense of identity and increased personhood 

·        Helps with anxiety, depression and mood changes 

·        Creating a sense of familiarity when in an new unfamiliar setting 

·        Being virtually connected to family, friends and loved ones  

·        Enabling them to share their story  

To help address this need amongst the healthcare sector, we’ve created a webinar in which we showcase our digital Life Stories solution, using best practice insights and real-world examples from our project with Herefordshire & Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. During the session we’ll detail the benefits received by the Trusts community who are living with Dementia, as well as frameworks and methodologies around Living Well. 

All attendees to these sessions will receive access to our customer case study, and the opportunity to pilot this solution to see the benefits it could bring to their Trust. 

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