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Empowering employees to achieve better clinical outcomes

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Across Europe, a record 72% of employees are either actively disengaged or “quiet quitting”. When you combine this with the fact 1 in 7 NHS staff are actively trying to leave the service, it can’t be denied that recruitment and retention is in crisis, especially in the NHS.

With this in mind, how is your Trust measuring and enhancing employee happiness to improve retention?

We’ve put together a webinar to help share our industry expertise around digital solutions, built for the unique needs of the NHS, that are helping staff be more productive, engaged, and ultimately happy in the workplace.

We’ll share real-world experience from projects with our customers, to showcase you digital transformation can help your employees:

  • Feel part of the culture and community in your trust.
  • Give and receive rewards and recognition to/from peers.
  • Access the info and docs they need to do their jobs.
  • Be more productive and achieve better clinical outcomes.
  • Receive important trust comms and hear about fun stuff too.
  • Work anywhere via a mobile app with biometrics and notifications.

This is a free online event that will give you practical tips and tools to help you drive engagement with your employees to build a better health service. All attendees will also receive a free complimentary deep dive to identify quick wins around improving staff satisfaction.

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