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Data is integral to our daily lives. It streamlines processes, drives efficiencies and enhances accuracy. Clean data leads to fact-based decision-making and feeds the AI revolution that is rapidly impacting all our lives.

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The Social Housing Bill – aka “Awaab’s Law” – is on the statute books.

There are 29 HHSRS hazards to worry about, with damp and mould gaining unwanted headlines. And the ombudsman can levy uncapped fines.

Housing Challenges

In this landscape, housing associations and local authorities need to meet these challenges:

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Tenant Safety and Wellbeing

Identify threats from missing or inaccurate data

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Legislation and Regulation

Respond swiftly to issues to ensure compliance

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Digital Tenant Engagement

Allow self-service for data fields and booking visits

Our Approach

VerseOne has a three-step process, enabled by our DataSure solution, to ensuring that accurate data leads to faster issue resolution. 

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DataSure approach


Highlight where you have missing, wrong or anomalous data


Automate gathering a population of accurate data


Stay ahead of regulation by ensuring ongoing compliance

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DataSure can be deployed as a standalone product or as part of a broader solution, including Digital Tenant Engagement and Tenant Self-Service Portals.

Benefits of DataSure

  1. Auto-generate tenant comms asking them to populate data fields as required
  2. Automate filling-in or over-writing of accurate data (or via manual approval)
  3. Tenants schedule surveys and repairs via portal so no missed home visits
  4. Make data-driven and fast business decisions to keep the ombudsman away