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Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Website Goes Live

It was just as the pandemic was starting, that Cambridgeshire and Peterborough (CPFT) started talking seriously to the VerseOne Website team with a grand plan to rethink, redesign and relaunch their main trust website. Pretty ambitious during the rolling lockdowns and with a distributed workforce but the thinking and planning behind it was solid and partnering with VerseOne fitted withCPFTs strategic plans.

CPFT deliver many NHS services outside of the hospital and in the community such as physical, mental health and specialist services across the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough region.  They employ over 4,000 staff based in more than 50 locations. Patients and staff needed a secure central hub where everyone could access key up to date information.

So, the objectives were to deliver an attractive and easy to navigate website for CPFT, allowing them to easily manage and update content on one central platform, allow patients to access appointments and offer digital support.  The key to the success of the project was to ensure that the system was futureproofed to support emerging technologies.

The VerseOne partnership with Microsoft was also an important driver because it aligns with CPFTs and the wider NHS strategic plans. Shifting the hosting, support and maintenance to a trusted and secure partner also removes the burden and dependency on the IT team and frees them up to other important work.

The project kicked off in September 2020 and four months later the brand-new website was launched in January 2021. Throughout the journey the teams at CPFT and VerseOne worked together to deliver a digital experience for service users that exceeded the expectations of the stakeholders and ultimately, the Trust are very proud of. The senior VerseOne team offered support and guidance each step of the way, answered crucial questions around accessibility (WCAG 2.1 AA) and ensured that the Trust content managers and editors had the support they needed to do their job.

Having worked with CPFT for four months we know that they are extremely happy with the website and love the look and feel. We also know that the website is a solid foundation for their future digital transformation plans.

You can check the new site out here: https://www.cpft.nhs.uk 

Intranet Project

Now that the website is completed, we have started the planning phase for the new VerseOne Intranet, which officially begins in April 2021. A key element of this project is that a& VerseOne Intranet and Active Directory or Azure Active Directory can be synchronised in real time. The creation and de-provisioning of users is easy and efficient, reducing IT burden and ensuring all profile data is current and correct.

CPFT use Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) which is the cloud version of Active Directory (AD). This allows the VerseOne Intranet solution to connect cloud to cloud to with CPFT Active Directory and give staff single sign on to the Intranet from the office and when working off site, on any device. Many trusts are rolling out an agile working policy and this supports that initiative.

Other challenges that the intranet will be addressing are:

  • Audience definition and access to relevant documents and information 

  • Design and functionality – A beautiful interface sitting over a powerful set of features 

  • Benefits to the Trust and the users

  • Employee Engagement - Find out more - Download our Employee Engagement Infographic

A go-live has been set for July 2021 and we look forward to sharing the launch then.

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