Housing Events

Welcome to the VerseOne Housing Forums and Events 

As an organisation founded over 17 years ago to make a difference to the lives of the tenants and those working within the Social Housing sector, VerseOne feels it is right for us to continue to be a force for the good in this vital sector, especially since the pandemic and the new way of working,

Although different organisations have been impacted by Covid, it is widely accepted that a hybrid or complete distributed workforce is now the norm, with many Head Offices not accessible by Tenants. We hear that a combination of factures has had a negative impact on customer satisfaction, including thier expectations of the services that landlords can provide - now we are coming out of social distancing.

The Social Housing Forum and our Events are designed to give housing providers a networking and sharing time to see what's working and bring some innovations to the table and to share on our customers successes.   

We very much see them as the platform of choice for thought leaders and those more actively involved within the Social Housing sector, to come together virtually to share and exchange ideas and experiences, for the betterment of their own tenants and organisations, and the wider sector. Accordingly, we see it as the Forum of choice for having debates and discussions around a range of topics and issues affecting the Social Housing sector. In previous forums we have dicussed the following topics: 

  • Engaging with tenants in the new norm - how are others doing it?
  • Resident engagement and communications in support of the Housing Charter
  • How are you capturing Resident satisfaction and displaying a Landlord Permormance Dashboard
  • With many Head Offices closed, how have you onboarded new Residents?

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