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Staff Directory


One of the most important functions of your intranet, given that you might have thousands of employees, is being able to contact your staff members.

Staff Directory allows you to do that, keeping it up to date with the rest of your systems.

Events manager


More and more often, organisations are using events as a key part of stakeholder communication and local outreach—and users expect to be able to view key details and book their place online. An events area on your site is the perfect way to enhance your community presence and engagement.

Property Manager

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VerseOne has developed its Property Manager for VerseOne CMS as part of a long-established and dedicated relationship to working with social housing providers. Built with estate management functionality based on input from key social housing providers, the Property Manager allows you to upload and display property information within your own website, so you don’t need to rely on third parties.

Jobs Manager


Jobs Manager for VerseOne CMS is built to enable you to advertise jobs easily on your website or intranet and allow you to gather online applications.

FAQs Manager


If, like many organisations, your different customers or users tend to ask the same types of questions, then having a Frequently Asked Questions area on your website or intranet can address these enquiries straight away, saving time for your users and saving money for you.

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