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Decision Support Builder

Decision Support Builder

Enabling your tenants to report issues through a secure web portal is a great way to effectively manage step-by-step guided issue reporting. Diagnostics Builder provides an area for visitors to log repair requests, or ASB reports, FoI requests, or simply complete a contact form, all in a secure and permission-based environment.

Bookings Manager

Bookings Manager

Resource Manager gives you the ability to create resources in your website or intranet and display them in a booking calendar where users can see their availability and make and cancel their bookings via secure login.



Forums for VerseOne CMS gives you this capability, with the space to offer an unlimited number of forums across your website or intranet, containing user-generated threads and messages that can be moderated by site administrators or left open to encourage robust debate.

Polls Manager

Polls Manager

With Polls Manager for VerseOne CMS, you can incorporate an unlimited number of online polls into your website or intranet with the same ease as adding content or situating a placeholder on a page.

Page Feedback Manager


VerseOne’s Page Feedback tool invites your customers and stakeholders to rate your content on a per-page basis and leave instant commentary about what they found useful, what didn’t help them, and what could be done to make your content even more targeted and effective.

Topic Subscriptions

Topic Subscriptions

With Topic Subscriptions you can give your visitors the ability to add to, manage, and edit their subscriptions, you can see which pages in your site are popular with subscribers, cross-post content to other areas of the site to take advantage of this traffic, and generate reports that help you see where new content can be published to best effect.

Email Marketing


Email communication is a great, low-cost way to connect with existing and potential contacts to gain competitive advantage and improve relationships. Send branded, targeted emails to raise awareness of your organisation, promote your services, and stay in touch with stakeholders.

Pop-Up Placement

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When you have special announcements, featured content to share, surveys about your site or organisation, or even general alerts, sometimes you need a way to grab and keep your visitors’ attention.

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