Workshops tailored to you.

To collect knowledge, generate new ideas, and ideate on design solutions, it’s best to bring people together. We have a range of workshops tailored to specific needs and desired outcomes.

Please find a list of available workshops below:

Information Architecture & Content Discovery Workshop

This workshop is designed to help you build a better picture of your content needs and how content addresses your audience needs. The objective is to identify and prioritise key users and content so that the experience becomes as useful and relevant as possible.

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User Interface (UI), Interaction & Brand Identity Design Workshop

By working closely with you in our design workshops we can discuss design methods and user experience techniques to ensure your solution is aligned with not only your business requirements and brand identity but also aligned to your user’s needs.

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User Experience (UX) Optimisation workshop

A UX optimisation workshop involves a series of activities to define or solidify both business and user objectives for your solution. This includes identifying important user journeys within your solution and optimising the flow and amount of steps a user needs to take to complete an action or access information. 

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