VerseOne Innovation Fund

VerseOne Innovation Fund

VerseOne Innovation Fund is a seed capital fund for investing in early stage businesses with novel and unique Intellectual Property (IP) that provide innovative ways to make a positive and meaningful impact to people’s lives in the field of digital health and other related socially responsible areas.

Our commitment

In addition to providing seed funding VerseOne Innovation fund is able to draw upon VerseOne Group’s expertise and specialist resources in software and digital technologies, to provide a range of complementary ‘value add’ services such as incubation, accelerated go to market strategy and rapid customer uptake through access to the Group’s large and loyal customer base in Health and Social care sectors.

More specifically VerseOne Innovation Fund will provide:

  • Investment typically up to £250,000
  • Strategy and go to market business plan
  • Product development, market positioning and pricing
  • ‘Champion Customer’ programme for rapid uptake and product establishment
  • Incubation and provision of key business support functions
  • Day to day support and mentoring as appropriate
  • Future growth and further funding support

Are you working in the health or social care sector and developed a novel and unique solution? Is your solution based on a great idea that will make a positive difference to the lives of your colleagues or people you care for? Then we want to hear from you.

Or are you working as part of a university research team, and devised an exciting and novel way for improving people’s lives in these fields? Are you looking to commercialise and rapidly take to market your unique IP? Then get in contact with us.

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