VerseOne Healthcare Roadshow – Birmingham

We all recognise the need for, and the power of digital solutions. They allow us to help improve staff and stakeholder satisfaction by enabling stakeholders to access the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently, creating the conditions for improving service delivery.

The correct digital solutions can achieve all this while maintaining and enhancing security, meeting your governance needs.

The benefits of the VerseOne Digital Health Solution consist of:

  • Increased working experiences, allowing you and your staff to get the job done
  • Significant improvement in engagement, satisfaction and retention
  • Streamlining employee on-boarding, training and development
  • Delivering process efficiencies, helping to save time and money
  • multiple self-service opportunities

Birmingham health description

Birmingham health description


  • Looking at how others in your sector have increased staff satisfaction, reduced costs and are achieving real cost efficiencies
  • Allowing staff to access the content they need from anywhere and on any device, with secure delivery top-of-mind
  • Taking back control of your digital platforms with one unified Digital Health Solution

Birmingham Health Benefits

Birmingham Health Benefits

Benefits of attending:

  • It offers the opportunity to network with other Trusts that are facing the same challenges and discuss how to overcome them
  • Discuss where your Trust could benefit from the Digital Health Solution
  • Benefit from VerseOne’s market leading experience of delivering exceptional digital solutions to the healthcare sector and how the Digital Health Solution can benefit your Trust

And finally, there is an opportunity to assess if your Trust can get access to the VerseOne Innovation Fund, further helping your Trust to stay ahead of the curve with digital at the forefront of what you do.

We look forward to seeing you in Birmingham at 9am on the 19th March 2019

Address: Bringimham Children's Hospital Steelhouse Ln, Birmingham B4 6NH

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