User Interface (UI), interaction and brand identity design workshop

We believe in the power of creativity and design to solve problems and to communicate ideas. Every design we create is unique and tailored to the specific needs of your project and organisation. By working closely with you in our design workshops we can discuss design methods and user experience techniques to ensure your solution is aligned with not only your business requirements and brand identity but also aligned to your user’s needs.

Whether your project is a secure portal with a need for clear and concise pathways for self-service, an intranet that needs to have a reliable and easily navigable document library, a website whose primary goal is to promote and enhance your brand, or a motion graphic that helps explain a complex idea, these workshops are crafted to surface trends, desires and things to avoid in the design, user experience, user engagement and delivery of your solution.

The objective is to create the most engaging experience possible that also meets your organisations brand and strategic requirements whilst retaining a great user experience.

The results of these sessions are written up into a report and supplied back to you for approval and any amends. This report is then used by us and yourselves throughout design and development of your solution to ensure the end result is a design that engages with your audience, is a pleasing and intuitive user experience and inspires action to maximise the success of your project.  

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