Welcome and thank you for wanting to join VerseOne Group’s Social Housing Forum.

It’s simple and easy to join, please just provide us with the details and we’ll be in-touch to ensure you’re all set up. 

As an organisation founded over 15 years ago to make a difference to the lives of the tenants and those working within the Social Housing sector, VerseOne feels it is right for us to continue to be a force for the good in this vital sector, especially with the current crisis brought about by COVID-19.

Although different organisations are handling the huge difficulties presented by COVID-19 differently, there’s no doubt that use of digital technologies has played a significant part and it is acknowledged that this will accelerate and become the norm for the new way of working whilst delivering great customer experience.

With this in mind and in collaboration with our existing customer base of 80 strong, with a wide range of sizes and spread of the demographics they serve, we have been supported and encouraged to set up this Breakthrough Forum - VerseOne Community.

We very much see this Forum as the platform of choice for thought leaders and those more actively involved within the Social Housing sector, virtually to come together to share and exchange ideas and experiences, for the betterment of their own tenants and organisations, and the wider sector. Accordingly, we see it as the Forum of choice for having debates and discussions around a range of topics and issues affecting the Social Housing sector. For example, we’ve had the below as ideas: 

  • Engaging with tenants during the crisis - how are others dong it?
  • Staff well-being
  • Vulnerable tenants and keeping digitally connected
  • Staff engagement and communications
  • Increase in domestic abuse cases and how this is being handled

We also have weekly round-table sessions for various Social Housing professionals and experts to share and discuss issues – details of these can be found in the calendar below.

Results will be released to the community so that you can see the novel and potentially more efficient ways organisations are using their digital platforms to tackle the day to day challenges, including COVID-19.

So please register, take part, contribute, share and hopefully learn too!

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