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Aspire Housing offers self-appointed repairs to tenants

Aspire Housing started the new year with the launch of their brand new website and tenant self-service portal—an exciting collaboration between the housing association and VerseOne Group.

As part of their digital transformation journey and commitment to customer service, Aspire Housing wanted to push the boundaries in ensuring that the self-service portal would provide their customers with a true 24/7/365 solution. Features include automatic user validation, tenancy details, rent balances, and delivered in real time, making payments, and much more.

Statistics showing the impressive progress of the Aspire portal and website

Repairs diagnostics and customer-booked appointments

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Crucially, the portal also provides tenants with the ability not only to diagnose their own repairs, but also be able to choose their own time slots—using the same contractor availability rules as used by Aspire Housing’s customer service agents.

In July 2017, Aspire Housing’s Cerris Homes—another successful collaboration with VerseOne—was the first housing company to deliver a digital by default, online Shared Ownership Application Process; the Aspire Housing portal’s real-time, self-appointed repairs is another example of the company driving innovation in the social housing sector.

“VerseOne has been delivering self-service portals for Social Housing organisations for nearly a decade—both through data imports, and via real-time web services. The Aspire Housing project required a new level of in-house system integration.. So, when Manifest came to us with their Universal Connector and Warehouse—plus many years of working with Orchard’s systems—we knew that a partnership was the best way to ensure the success of Aspire Housing’s project.

“Manifest were able to build a set of custom application programming interfaces (APIs), to our design, enabling our teams to concentrate on our specialities of front-end design, secure publishing and public-facing web service integration.

Chris Mounsey, VerseOne’s Chief Product Officer ”

Of course, delivering these features required the integration of a number of interlocking systems: including Orchard’s housing management system, Kirona’s DRS Scheduling application, and Handepay and Barclaycard payment gateways. Latterly, the portal was also integrated with Cloud Dialogs repairs scheduling.

integration diagram

To provide the most robust solution, VerseOne Group partnered with Manifest Software Solutions—a software integration specialist with particular experience with Orchard’s housing management system.

The co-ordination of the various work streams and partners provided a challenge for VerseOne’s Project Management Office (PMO) but the end product demonstrates that the team, in conjunction with Aspire Housing’s project team, proved equal to the task.

Customer engagement

Customer engagement

Aspire Housing had engaged with tenants at specific points throughout the project: the buzz created by this, as well as the smooth execution of the pre-planned marketing strategy, meant that customers started signing up from day one.

Tracey Price, Customer Excellence Manager, stresses that the organisation is not about to rest on its laurels.

“The launch of the website and portal is the culmination of an incredible amount of hard work by our internal teams, and our delivery partners. But it is just one part of a larger digital transformation and renewal journey at Aspire Housing.

The whole business is determined to aspire and inspire and, through leading by example, drive innovation throughout the whole Social Housing sector.

“With this in mind, we will be working with VerseOne to help define the next steps on our digital journey.”

With an exciting new website and the most capable self-service portal in the sector, 2018 has been an extraordinary year for Aspire Housing, VerseOne, and its partners.