Streamline and automate your ICS processes and increase efficiency across the board

Streamline and automate your ICS processes and increase efficiency across the board

The highly-flexible Business Process Automator (BPA)provides intelligent automation of complex tasks, through an intuitive user interface that can be used by both staff and customers.

Business Process Automator powers workflows and brings hyper efficiency to your customer processes meaning your staff can focus on the more important issues. It also brings intelligence to your content through proactive content delivery of content to your customers.

And when combined with the power of VerseOne Autevo Intelligent Integration Platform, BPA provides the ultimate in online customer self-service, auditing, and workflows by pulling and pushing data into your existing business critical applications.

BPA Features

  1. Automate & personalise processes

    Allows user focused process design

  2. Powers workflows

    Utilises intelligent inbuilt rules

  3. Secure by design

    Information encryption

  4. Scales & adapts

    Fits to various functionality and styling

  5. Tailors information

    Advanced data tagging to information discovery - e.g. Meta data for search, entitlements based info etc.

  6. Pro-active content delivery

    Highlights relevant information to ease workflows

  7. Auditable and trackable

    Keeps track of changes and authors

Long-lasting partnerships

Because our content management platform is modular and future-proofed, and our people thought-leaders in the industry, our partnerships last for many years.

Our solutions continue to expand with our customers’ ambitions, and VerseOne is there to support them—through expertise, through new functionality, and through deep sector knowledge and consultancy.

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Efficiency is Key

Efficiency is Key

Business process automation is a fantastic way to drive efficiencies, and to remove the tedium and inaccuracies inherent in paper processes and unnecessary duplication.

Processes are built up in a variety of Steps—driven through automated Tasks and Triggers. You can stack as many of the Steps together as you require to build your process.

All in Your Control

All in Your Control

You are in complete control as processes are built up in a variety of steps. You can stack as many of steps together as you require to build your process.

  • Trigger Steps require your users to perform an action, e.g. submit a form, or approve a request;

  • Task Steps run automatically, and include emailing targeted teams, changing content, or switching user Groups.

You build the process just the once, and then this acts as a template: so, when a user clicks that apply button, or submits that application form, the Process Run starts.

Streamline your processes

Streamline your processes

VerseOne BPA allows you to deliver smooth, intuitive, auditable and repeatable processes, with soft-key configurability in order to future-proof your investment (you can even build in training notes for your new starters).

  • Set up processes specific to your organisation’s requirements;
  • Adminster all processes in the front-end through an intuitive interface;
  • Minimal training required as the process guides users through the steps;
  • Integration with VerseOne CMS Online Forms for data-driven workflows.
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