Personas to represent your audience

These personas can be used for refining your design, messaging and communications and stress testing solutions put in place. They will also allow you to have a deeper understanding of the behavioural traits of your users so you can target your efforts with greater success.

Other insights creating personas will surface include:

  • Where best to find and interact with your audience.
  • Which types of users are more likely to take action.
  • What stage or situation your users are in that effects decision making.
  • Tactics for engagement through processes and decision making.
  • What personas to focus efforts around to achieve your organisations goals and aspirations.

Persona Development Process

1. Research & Discovery

The process of building user personas always starts with research and discovery. This will firstly involve calls and discussions with key stakeholders to determine the goals you are looking to achieve and how the user personas will be used within your strategy. We will then speak with your internal staff and users to get a good sense for what their needs and objectives are. From the data retrieved we can then customize a strategy to investigate further into prospecting, behavioural patterns and demographic information. This is all carried out at your convenience and ensuring benchmarks are agreed upon from the outset.

2. Design & Development

Once we have gathered all the findings, we can then combine with our research for a comprehensive understanding of all the qualitative and quantitative data. From this point, we can then start to storyboard and conceptualize to build an accurate picture of your audience. Our in-house creative team can then begin to craft personas that are in-line with the data gathered and typically include a bio, archetype, personality and behavioural traits, goals, motivations, frustrations, and preferred channels.

3. Presentation & Review

We will present these to you in PDF format for review, discussion and finalising. Should your target audience change these can also be used as a base to develop new personas. Every design, content and marketing decision can then subsequently aim to serve a specific, or group of, user personas – this is how you’ll see a great return on your investment.

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