A member of the g15 group, Family Mosaic provided homes, services, and opportunities for more than 45,000 people in the South East, London, and Essex.

In late 2016, Family Mosaic partnered with VerseOne to deliver its new online customer portal.

VerseOne’s portal has the ability to pull data in from several different systems we use internally, giving our residents a seamless experience when it comes to accessing the data we hold about them and interacting with our services. By mapping the customer journey across all of our different contact channels, we can use online services to give them a fuller, more satisfying experience. The new portal is a fundamental part of our digital transformation journey.

Alex Petford, Project Lead on Customer Contact Strategy, Family Mosaic

The Challenge

Family Mosaic, now part of the Peabody Group, wanted its new resident portal to focus on the customer experience, in order to:

  • meet the needs of different customer groups around the clock, in a modern, mobile-responsive site;
  • simple end-to-end repairs & diagnostic reporting process that can be used by tenants and staff alike;
  • provide a user-friendly experience that would increase portal usage and further Family Mosaic’s channel shift strategy;
  • be technologically future-proof and integrate with key internal business systems;
  • deliver efficiency savings by reducing inbound enquiries to the customer contact centre and manual re-keying of information across different systems.

The Solution

The launch of the portal site followed a four-month digital transformation project designed to provide seamless digital user journeys for Family Mosaic’s residents, giving them 24/7 access to account information and reporting services online.

The star feature of the new portal is an integrated repairs reporting area which guides users visually through a diagnostic decision tree before submitting their repair request with appointment date and time preferences. The repair reporting form creates the work job directly in the Northgate housing management system via webservices, complete with SoR code and approved contractors.

Other key features of the resident portal include a view of personal details, past statements and current balance, repairs history, and an “ask” area where residents can complete commonly-used forms online and see their previous requests.

Family Mosaic’s ideas about where they want to go with online customer self-service are innovative and will really make the most out of the portal and integration technology we have to offer.

Kevin Allder, Head of Housing, VerseOne

The Results

The MyAccount portal streamlines important services and makes life easier for both residents and staff. By focusing on the customer journey and providing a great mobile experience, they’ve created a technologically sophisticated portal that delivers efficiency by integrating with vital back-office systems.

Following its merger with Family Mosaic, Peabody took the opportunity to re-style the portal quickly and easily in its own brand identity and, crucially, took the decision that the former Family Mosaic portal would become the main portal for all Peabody residents. In conjunction with an internal project to migrate housing management systems, Peabody worked with VerseOne to incorporate the data and functionality needed to expand the portal to all tenants across the full Peabody portfolio.

Launched to all Peabody residents in October 2018, the VerseOne portal goes from strength to strength as the technology of choice for Peabody's online services.

Best of all, the portal remains easy to sign up for and navigate, delivering a user-friendly and intuitive customer experience.

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