Staff Directory

staff directory icon

Staff Directory enables you to display key information about each member of staff, from telephone numbers to departments to job roles, so that every team member has a clear understanding of what your organisation is doing, and who is doing it. 

  • build company structures through departments, teams, and job roles or functions 
  • assign staff members to roles and edit these easily when personnel change
  • display staff profiles, pictures, locations, and job descriptions easily in a custom-searchable directory format 
  • integrate with Active Directory (AD) to keep your staff data up to date without manual intervention and to provide for single sign-on to your intranet, supporting drives toward personalisation.

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Document Life Cycle Management

document lifecycle management icon

Document management and control is a vital part of any online repository of information. In order to meet organisational goals and ensure quality, safety, and consistency of process, members of staff need quick and reliable to access to the most up-to-date policies, procedures, and guidance.

  • create your own document life cycle, with rules for review, expiration, and archiving of information
  • assign review dates and frequencies to individual documents, ensuring that each one has its own appropriate review cycle
  • manage reviews through individual users or groups of collaborators, with automated email notifications when documents require action
  • display documents easily around your intranet or website in folder-based browsers, showing simple information like document name and format, or more 
  • detailed profiles including size, version history, and life cycle status
  • use in combination with Document Collaboration to keep all of your document management activity in a single system.

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Business Process Automator

bpm icon

The intuitive Business Process Automator module integrates with your VerseOne CMS and enables you to drive real RoI through removing inefficiencies and automating processes.

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Document Collaboration

document collaboration icon

Document Collaboration allows organisations to ask staff to contribute to new draft policies and other documents while they are being prepared.

  • invite intranet users to read and add their comments to draft documents
  • consolidate comments and changes before issuing a final document
  • mark documents as “mandatory” for assigned readers
  • provide a personalised Document Notification area on your intranet so individuals can see quickly and easily which documents are awaiting their review and comments
  • track and report on who has read and commented on documents.

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Inline editing

inline editing icon

Inline editing allows users who prefer working directly on the page to manage and edit content without entering and navigating the administration area of VerseOne CMS.

  • edit pages or text in situ on your website or intranet
  • add links to pages, forms, images, documents, or other media to pages
  • publish edits with the click of a button
  • integrate fully with the Permissions and Approvals functions for content integrity across the site.

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Resource Manager

resource manager

Resource Manager gives you the ability to create resources in your website or intranet and display them in a booking calendar where users can see their availability and make and cancel their bookings via secure login.

With Resource Manager for VerseOne CMS, you can:

  • create resources and descriptions and publish them to your website or intranet
  • assign days of the week, hours of the day, and minimum size of a booking slot to your booking calendar
  • allow visitors to see resource availability and make bookings in available time slots with a simple, dynamic booking form
  • give visitors the ability to cancel their bookings on the fly
  • lock down a resource as being unavailable for bookings for the day
  • allow VerseOne CMS super-users to manage bookings and resource availability.

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Feed Manager

feed manager icon

Feed Manager for VerseOne CMS allows you to create, manage, and customise data feeds from external sources—such as RSS syndication and .csv files—and display them dynamically on your website or intranet. Give your users the option to read general news from your sector, peruse your organisation’s KPIs, or view all of your relevant feeds at once for maximum convenience.

  • import XML (RSS, Atom), Twitter, and .csv data from other content sources
  • display feeds in dynamic placements and lists throughout your site
  • allow users to subscribe to your outgoing RSS feeds
  • link content areas of your organisation’s multiple sites—including feeds between your website and intranet.

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Dynamic Forms

dynamic forms icon

Online forms are an excellent method for reducing costs in paper and administration, collecting and reporting on feedback and other data, and pulling customers or staff members to your website or intranet. Online forms are easier for your users: no downloading, printing or posting.

  • Build an unlimited number of simple or multi-page forms and surveys, and view responses.
  • Create and re-use an unlimited number of answer codes for easy form creation.
  • Automatically incorporate "matrix" and "killer" questions.
  • Enable users to save partially completed forms and finish their responses at a later date.
  • Route completed forms to relevant personnel based on particular answers or responses.
  • Safeguard your site visitors' information with data protection features.
  • Apply permissions to form editing and results and suppress personal information in responses to support data protection and Equality & Diversity governance.
  • View, filter, and export form responses as HTML, PDF or .csv.
  • Add forms to pages with a single click and watch them update dynamically when you edit.

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Built-in personalisation tools deliver what the user wants to see and use, such as related content, favourites, documents awaiting their attention, and updates on changes in content—without sacrificing your ability to use central channels to win hearts and minds.

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Events manager

events icon

More and more often, organisations are using events as a key part of stakeholder communication and local outreach—and users expect to be able to view key details and book their place online. An events area on your site is the perfect way to enhance your community presence and engagement.

  • create and edit events, event types, and venues
  • display events and event details on a dynamic calendar styled to match your site identity
  • colour-code event types for easy identification on the calendar
  • filter the events calendar by month, week, or day and browse events by type or date
  • include flyers, agendas, and images with events
  • assign event administrators and enable fast, easy online booking
  • allow visitors to download event information directly into their Outlook calendars.

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Code droplets

code droplets icon

Code Droplets enable advanced users such as IT teams to extend the functionality of your VerseOne solution through the use of custom code snippets.

Code Droplets lets users leverage JavaScript snippets and to write their own placements using industry standard HTML and CSS. These can be re-used on pages and multiple websites throughout a VerseOne CMS installation.

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News and blogs

news and blogs icon

Blogs Manager locks smoothly into your VerseOne solution to enable you to create multiple blogs for your website or intranet, where members of your organisation can offer up-to-date, specialised content in a less formal and more interactive setting than key corporate pages of your site.

  • build and manage multiple blogs and authors
  • assign categories for easy, thematic navigation
  • moderate posts and comments before publication to maintain corporate identity and content integrity
  • choose from display options for number of posts per page, and whether to show full posts or short teasers
  • enable user registration and user permissions to distinguish public and private blogs and comments.

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Diagnostics Builder

report tree icon

Enabling your tenants to report issues through a secure web portal is a great way to effectively manage step-by-step guided issue reporting. Diagnostics Builder provides an area for visitors to log repair requests, or ASB reports, FoI requests, or simply complete a contact form, all in a secure and permission-based environment.

With Diagnostics Builder for VerseOne CMS, you can:

  • Build unlimited diagnostic trees, covering topics as diverse as repairs, ASB, and FoI requests—ensuring that your customers have a predictable interface for reporting.
  • Guide your customers through a structured, step-by-step, conditional reporting structure—so that your customer service agents have all of the information that they need to act swiftly and accurately.
  • Provide guidance and links to FAQs, add rich images, and reporting Forms throughout the diagnostic tree, so that your customers can have visual references.
  • With VerseOne Autevo, you can send issue reports directly to your back-end line-of-business systems, so eliminating the tedium and inaccuracies inherent in double-entry.
  • Empower your customers, and make the lives of your teams happier.

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Jobs Manager

jobs manager icon

Jobs Manager for VerseOne CMS is built to enable you to advertise jobs easily on your website or intranet and allow you to gather online applications.

  • create job titles and categories and include descriptions and other details
  • assign reference numbers for easy application management
  • display and advertise jobs internally or externally on the intranet or website
  • enable users to submit electronic applications using Forms Manager.

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polls icon

With Polls Manager for VerseOne CMS, you can incorporate an unlimited number of online polls into your website or intranet with the same ease as adding content or situating a placeholder on a page.

  • create and manage an unlimited number of polls
  • organise polls into poll runs to establish opinion trends
  • assign start and end dates to polls to keep feedback fresh
  • publish polls in locations anywhere throughout your website or intranet
  • allow users the option to view poll results after voting
  • report on results for all polls.

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FAQs Manager

FAQ icon

If, like many organisations, your different customers or users tend to ask the same types of questions, then having a Frequently Asked Questions area on your website or intranet can address these enquiries straight away, saving time for your users and saving money for you.

  • create and publish frequently asked questions and answers and categorise them
  • manage multiple FAQs sections in different areas of your site
  • track popular FAQs for continuing improvement of your site and service delivery
  • devolve responsibility for FAQs to departments, roles, or individual content editors.

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Email Marketing

email marketing icon

Email communication is a great, low-cost way to connect with existing and potential contacts to gain competitive advantage and improve relationships. Send branded, targeted emails to raise awareness of your organisation, promote your services, and stay in touch with stakeholders.

  • create professional-looking emails with re-usable templates
  • create and edit email content, insert media, and link to personalised site landing pages
  • send test versions of emails with the click of a button
  • send emails to individual recipients or targeted SmartGroups in scheduled automatic batches
  • monitor who received, opened, and clicked on emails
  • measure message success by individual email or by whole campaign.

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forums icon

Forums for VerseOne CMS gives you this capability, with the space to offer an unlimited number of forums across your website or intranet, containing user-generated threads and messages that can be moderated by site administrators or left open to encourage robust debate.

  • create and manage an unlimited number of forums and discussion threads
  • allow users to create and reply to discussion topics
  • create user groups and determine permissions and moderation on a per-forum basis
  • display forums publicly or restrict access to secure user areas
  • display forums in a custom template designed to fit within the style and branding of your site.

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Media Manager

media manager icon

Media Manager is one of the core components of VerseOne CMS and has been built to ensure that incorporating exciting media into your shared content is as easy and accessible as possible. Never worry again about fiddling with desktop photo editors or trying to recall when images need to be re-licensed.

  • upload, browse, and edit virtual documents, images, video, and audio files in numerous formats
  • resize, crop, rotate, flip, duplicate, and substitute images—without having to manually replace them where they’re used throughout the site
  • assign categories for thematic grouping and easy re-use in multiple locations throughout your content
  • attach default alternative text descriptions and Accessible transcripts
  • display videos on your site using an automatic, browser-sensitive media player
  • write additional notes, assign users to media, and set review notifications
  • use familiar, intuitive drag-and-drop workflows to download and organise media into folders
  • assign Permissions and Approval to media items at group or individual user level.

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Medical Directory

medical directory icon

With Medical Directory for VerseOne CMS, you supply all of this information and more in searchable areas of your website that make finding profiles and key medical information swift and intuitive. For GPs and clinicians, you can provide a list of consultants’ profiles, contact details, areas of interest, and research backgrounds, all in easy A-Z format or in a custom keyword search results.

  • create, edit, and public consultant profiles, ward information, and medical test details
  • display directories in public pages or behind secure site logins
  • add profile images, key documents, floor plans, label images, and other rich media items to your directories
  • attach tags and categories to directory listings to add context and keywords to your users’ experience
  • show directory listings in A-Z format, or
  • provide custom consultant, ward, and medical test search tools so users can explore according to their particular needs or interests.

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Page Feedback

page feedback icon

VerseOne’s Page Feedback tool invites your customers and stakeholders to rate your content on a per-page basis and leave instant commentary about what they found useful, what didn’t help them, and what could be done to make your content even more targeted and effective.

With Page Feedback for VerseOne CMS, you can:

capture ratings, comments, and contact information from your visitors

choose from different rating scales and different styles, such as smileys or thumbs-up and thumbs-down

email feedback notifications to individual content editors, groups, and departments

set up one set of feedback options for a whole site, or customise it on a per-page basis

report on page ratings across the whole site, by page or across each department’s content

view the complete feedback report on a per-page basis to see trends over time.

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PayPal Integration

paypal icon  

PayPal Pro seamlessly integrates your website with PayPal’s multiple transaction methods. Without leaving your website, customers wishing to make a payment can enter their credit card details into a secure, encrypted form without needing to have their own PayPal account, and the money will be transferred directly into your merchant PayPal account.

  • seamless integration between PayPal and your website
  • simple credit card transaction form
  • payment with most types of credit card, including VISA, MasterCard, and Delta/Electron
  • express checkout service via PayPal account
  • re-usable on any page of your website
  • PCI-DSS compliance.

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PECR Options


Now, with VerseOne’s PECR Options, you can inform your website visitors about the cookies associated with your site and give them the choice about how to handle them.

  • configure your “cookies banner” with custom text, buttons, and links to guidance about privacy and getting the best experience from your site
  • apply a “strict” banner that asks users to actively accept cookies
  • apply a “relaxed” banner that enables analytics and Accessibility tool cookies unless users actively reject them
  • remove your cookies banner entirely, enabling all of your site’s cookies by default.

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Pop-Up Placement

popup icon

When you have special announcements, featured content to share, surveys about your site or organisation, or even general alerts, sometimes you need a way to grab and keep your visitors’ attention.

  • create pop-up content from text content items and set it to appear across your whole site or individual pages
  • add multiple pop-up placements to a page for a pop-up slideshow effect
  • set pop-up placements to appear for all public visitors, or only specific user groups
  • decide how many seconds after the visitor arrives on the page the pop-up placement should appear
  • allow visitors to dismiss pop-up placements with a long-term cookie that keeps the pop-up from reappearing as they navigate around your site.

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Property Manager

property manager icon

VerseOne has developed its Property Manager for VerseOne CMS as part of a long-established and dedicated relationship to working with Social Housing providers. Built with estate management functionality based on input from key Social Housing providers, the Property Manager allows you to upload and display property information within your own website, so you don’t need to rely on third parties.

  • reate, edit, and manage properties and display in professional-looking, purpose-built templates with image galleries, details, and your organisation’s branding
  • create, edit, and manage property schemes, neighbourhoods, or estates
  • enter property postcodes and watch them appear on dynamic maps
  • add technical specifications and pricing information
  • enable users to search your property portfolio and make direct enquiries straight from your organisation’s website
  • encourage users to save their searches and receive email updates when new properties with those criteria are posted
  • allow users to set properties as favourites
  • simultaneously publish your properties to your RightMove listings with one click of a button.

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Secure Site Areas

Secure site area icon

Targeting relevant content at appropriate audiences is a key component of any website or intranet, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to create access-only areas of your site for the use of specific groups within your general audience. Secure Site Areas for VerseOne CMS allow you to do just that.

  • create private or VIP areas and pages of the website or intranet
  • control group access to private areas
  • allow online applications to join groups and decide what information you want to collect about registering users
  • receive email notifications of new registrations
  • enable automatic registration or moderate group membership
  • set up secure login forms that meet the level of access security you need
  • hook registration and login to information you already hold about your customers in order to validate their identity.

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Services Finder

services locator icon

Whether it’s by post code, town, or the nature of the service itself, Service Finder gives your visitors the ability to search for the specific information they need, view location and facility details, contact information, and key personnel profiles.

  • create, edit and publish service locations and show them in maps
  • tag and categorise services for easy filtering and A-Z organisation
  • relate additional information to your services, such as descriptions, profiles, and FAQs
  • display services in custom lists across multiple areas of your site
  • allow users to search for services by post code, location, keywords, tags, and facilities
  • deploy other VerseOne CMS modules in services information, such as Dynamic Forms for enquiries and Media Manager for related documents and rich media.

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slideshows icon

Slideshows allow for a display of a series of pictures, chosen for artistic or instructional purposes. This is a key trend in website design today as it allows for an interactive way to display information to the users.

  • create new responsive slideshows and slides and place them throughout your site
  • choose from different slideshow formats, such as cycles and carousels
  • add text overlays and image links to slides to facilitate navigation to key content
  • re-use slides across multiple slideshows.

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Topic Subscriptions

topic subscriptions icon

With Topic Subscriptions you can give your visitors the ability to add to, manage, and edit their subscriptions, you can see which pages in your site are popular with subscribers, cross-post content to other areas of the site to take advantage of this traffic, and generate reports that help you see where new content can be published to best effect.

  • enable visitors to subscribe to pages across your site containing lists of text content, news and blog posts, documents, events, FAQs, job vacancies, and more
  • set up custom introductory text and information on subscription emails
  • give visitors the ability to choose daily, weekly, or monthly email updates
  • allow visitors to manage their own subscriptions and email settings
  • track which users have subscribed to which pages and when they signed up, and report on these statistics.

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