Staff Directory

Staff Directory

One of the most important functions of your intranet, given that you might have thousands of employees, is being able to contact your staff members.

Staff Directory allows you to do that, keeping it up to date with the rest of your systems.

Staff Directory enables you to display key information about each member of staff, from telephone numbers to departments to job roles, so that every team member has a clear understanding of what your organisation is doing, and who is doing it. 

  • Build company structures through departments, teams, and job roles or functions 
  • Assign staff members to roles and edit these easily when personnel change
  • Display staff profiles, pictures, locations, and job descriptions easily in a custom-searchable directory format 
  • Integrate with Active Directory (AD) to keep your staff data up to date without manual intervention and to provide for single sign-on to your intranet, supporting drives toward personalisation.
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