Page Feedback Manager

Page Feedback Manager

VerseOne’s Page Feedback tool invites your customers and stakeholders to rate your content on a per-page basis and leave instant commentary about what they found useful, what didn’t help them, and what could be done to make your content even more targeted and effective.

With Page Feedback for VerseOne CMS, you can:

  • capture ratings, comments, and contact information from your visitors
  • choose from different rating scales and different styles, such as smileys or thumbs-up and thumbs-down
  • email feedback notifications to individual content editors, groups, and departments
  • set up one set of feedback options for a whole site, or customise it on a per-page basis
  • report on page ratings across the whole site, by page or across each department’s content
  • view the complete feedback report on a per-page basis to see trends over time.
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