Medical Directory

Medical Directory

With Medical Directory for VerseOne CMS, you supply all of this information and more in searchable areas of your website that make finding profiles and key medical information swift and intuitive. For GPs and clinicians, you can provide a list of consultants’ profiles, contact details, areas of interest, and research backgrounds, all in easy A-Z format or in a custom keyword search results.

  • create, edit, and public consultant profiles, ward information, and medical test details
  • display directories in public pages or behind secure site logins
  • add profile images, key documents, floor plans, label images, and other rich media items to your directories
  • attach tags and categories to directory listings to add context and keywords to your users’ experience
  • show directory listings in A-Z format, or
  • provide custom consultant, ward, and medical test search tools so users can explore according to their particular needs or interests.
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