Media Manager

Media Manager

Media Manager is one of the core components of VerseOne CMS and has been built to ensure that incorporating exciting media into your shared content is as easy and accessible as possible. Never worry again about fiddling with desktop photo editors or trying to recall when images need to be re-licensed.

  • upload, browse, and edit virtual documents, images, video, and audio files in numerous formats
  • resize, crop, rotate, flip, duplicate, and substitute images—without having to manually replace them where they’re used throughout the site
  • assign categories for thematic grouping and easy re-use in multiple locations throughout your content
  • attach default alternative text descriptions and Accessible transcripts
  • display videos on your site using an automatic, browser-sensitive media player
  • write additional notes, assign users to media, and set review notifications
  • use familiar, intuitive drag-and-drop workflows to download and organise media into folders
  • assign Permissions and Approval to media items at group or individual user level.
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