Document Life Cycle Management

Document Life Cycle Management

Document management and control is a vital part of any online repository of information. In order to meet organisational goals and ensure quality, safety, and consistency of process, members of staff need quick and reliable to access to the most up-to-date policies, procedures, and guidance.

  • create your own document life cycle, with rules for review, expiration, and archiving of information
  • assign review dates and frequencies to individual documents, ensuring that each one has its own appropriate review cycle
  • manage reviews through individual users or groups of collaborators, with automated email notifications when documents require action
  • display documents easily around your intranet or website in folder-based browsers, showing simple information like document name and format, or more 
  • detailed profiles including size, version history, and life cycle status
  • use in combination with Document Collaboration to keep all of your document management activity in a single system.
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