Decision Support Builder

Decision Support Builder

Enabling your tenants to report issues through a secure web portal is a great way to effectively manage step-by-step guided issue reporting. Diagnostics Builder provides an area for visitors to log repair requests, or ASB reports, FoI requests, or simply complete a contact form, all in a secure and permission-based environment.

With Diagnostics Builder for VerseOne CMS, you can:

  • Build unlimited diagnostic trees, covering topics as diverse as repairs, ASB, and FoI requests—ensuring that your customers have a predictable interface for reporting.
  • Guide your customers through a structured, step-by-step, conditional reporting structure—so that your customer service agents have all of the information that they need to act swiftly and accurately.
  • Provide guidance and links to FAQs, add rich images, and reporting Forms throughout the diagnostic tree, so that your customers can have visual references.
  • With VerseOne Autevo, you can send issue reports directly to your back-end line-of-business systems, so eliminating the tedium and inaccuracies inherent in double-entry.
  • Empower your customers, and make the lives of your teams happier.
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