Enhance your stakeholder response with Live ChatBots

Enhance your communication strategy with Live ChatBots

Attend our free webinar on August 13th, 2019 at 11:30 AM

Recent Gartner research highlights that the most important factor to success is delivering superb customer experience.

Having a powerful and full functioning ChatBot allows your existing experienced support agents to focus their efforts on the more complex cases that really require the ‘human touch’!

Join us at 11:30 on Tuesday 13th August on a free 30m webinar, as we demonstrate how Vocoll Live Support, Knowledge Base and ChatBot can help you to provide information services to staff, stakeholders and service users.

With Live Support ChatBot you can:

  • be in when you’re out—let the chatbot answer your customer queries;
  • provide efficient services—live chat has the highest satisfaction ratings of any customer interaction channel;
  • provide the best service with fewer resources—and all with bank-level security;
  • provide 24/7 automated responses if resources and online chat are stopping you offer a value added service

Join us on our short webinar as we demonstrate how Live Support and Chatbot can enhance your communication strategy—we hope to see you there!

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