Founder & Executive Chairman | Alan Neilson

Alan Neilson

Alan Neilson is the founder of VerseOne Group.

In addition to his involvement with VerseOne, Alan acts a director, adviser and investor for a number of other early-stage IT and technology companies.

Alan was the CEO and one of the founding directors of royalblue technologies plc—a wholly owned subsidiary of royalblue group plc (now Fidessa group plc, FDSA.L). He was involved in all aspects of growing that company from a small start-up in 1991 to a highly successful and dominant software and services organisation where he sat on the main board. During his 15 years at royalblue he gained experience of corporate finance, due diligence and acquisitions as part of the company's growth—which culminated in the IPO on the London Stock Exchange in 1997.

With a BSc in Computer Studies, Alan has broad experience in the IT industry spanning a 30-year career. During this time Alan has held technical, support, sales, marketing, and general management roles.

As Executive Chairman, Alan is responsible for the formulation of VerseOne's current and long range strategies and how best to execute these to maximise the group's success through delivering innovative and value for money solutions to the customers. He has a passion for Web Accessibility, and his championing of this cause has been a major driver in making it a particular focus of VerseOne's web products and free events.

Alan is an aspiring amateur explorer and mountaineer and in quest of these have had the privilege of visiting some of the remotest and least developed parts of the world. He is a strong believer of making a positive and tangible difference to people’s lives, be it in a business or a personal setting. As such he endeavours to combine his pursuit of adventure with philanthropy. He have skied unaided to both the North and the South pole, crossed Greenland from North to South, climbed several of the world's highest peaks and trekked across the Atacama Desert. During the course of these expeditions, he has has raised thousands of pounds for good charitable causes. He believes that these activities are great levellers and can connect you with the very essence and basics of life and seeing humans at their best, whilst offering opportunities for true collaboration as well as time for clear thinking.

Customer Solutions Director | Chris Mounsey

Chris Mounsey

Chris Mounsey is the Customer Solutions Director at VerseOne, with responsibility for delivering projects and services to the company's ever-growing customer base.

Since joining VerseOne in 2008, Chris has become a subject matter expert in a number of areas — including Information Architecture (IA), Customer Experience (Cx) and User Experience (UX) web design, front-end development, copywriting, web accessibility, systems integration, and process analysis.

Throughout his varied career at VerseOne, Chris has become adept at helping to develop and articulate a long-term vision for the company's products — based on customer demand, market movements and the rapidly-shifting technical landscape.

Chris works closely with the Executive Chairman, and the Sales and Account Management Teams, to ensure that the benefits of VerseOne's unique, integrated product stack and complementary professional services are communicated to customers and prospects.

Chief Operations Officer | Sue Allder

Susan joined VerseOne over 10 years ago bringing with her over 25 years of experience working within software and services companies.

Susan loves nothing more than a new challenge and finding a solution to a problem. While the roles she has undertaken have been varied from managing consultants, trainers, developers, 24x7 follow the sun support, customer care, project managers, creative services and account management, the one element that stays constant is her dedication to customer satisfaction which remains at the heart of what Susan loves to do.

Outside of the office, Susan enjoys spending time with her family, visiting Spain and arts and crafts.

Non-Executive Director | Alastair Bathgate

Alastair Bathgate, smiling

Alastair Bathgate sits on the main Board of VerseOne Group as a Non-Executive Director.

As a Non-Executive Director and investor in the Group, Alastair brings a wealth of experience in enterprise software solutions and general business management spanning over 30 years.

With an MBA with distinction from Leeds University Business School, Alastair was the co-founder and CEO of Blue Prism for over 20 years — a company he successfully took from a start up to an IPO in 2016.

Blue Prism created a new enterprise software product category known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and became one of the UK's most successful software companies, with revenues of over £100m, a market cap of over £1bn, and 2,000 customers in 130 countries and 70 industry sectors.

With his deep understanding of how to turn UK software businesses into globally successful entities, Alastair brings deep real-world experience to VerseOne Group’s future expansion plans. 



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Why work with us?

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