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VerseOne become an accredited Microsoft co-sell ready partner

VerseOne Group UK‘s leading provider of cutting-edge Customer Experience (CX) solutions is delighted to become an accredited Microsoft co-sell ready partner.

As part of its ongoing objective of delivering superior digital solutions that are more secure, interoperable and fully Cloud based, VerseOne Group is pleased to announce it has now become a Microsoft Partner.

This strategic step will supercharge VerseOne’s market leading digital and customer experience solutions, by offering their growing customers not only the best of breed Microsoft Azure Cloud environment but also an Open Standards-based and secure ecosystem for running existing and new business critical systems.

Alan Neilson, VerseOne Group’s Founder and Executive Chairman, explains how becoming a Microsoft Partner will significantly benefit their customers:

We are thrilled to become an accredited Microsoft Partner and what this offers VerseOne Group’s ever growing customer base especially givenand the increasingly strategic role VerseOne’s solutions are playing for our customers.

Moving our customer solutions to the Azure Cloud Hosting environment has already paid dividends in terms of ease of deployment and scalability—driving even better value for our customers across the UK.

Being able to draw upon the vast range of applications and tools embedded within and integrated as part of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud environment and utilising our intelligent integration platform Autevo, we can seamlessly and securely bring existing business critical solutions together with our market leading content and digital solutions.

This delivers true freedom of choice, scalability and real value to our customers—especially when considering the already significant deployment of Microsoft’s business applications in the marketplace.

Putting it all together enables VerseOne, and our customers, to rapidly take advantage of our market leading solutions—without having to rip out and replace their investments in their existing core business critical applications. This will accelerate deployment processes, deliver new services faster and more securely—and, ultimately, realisinge returns for our customers as rapidly as possible.

Now, as we work with organisations to build truly functional next generation intranets that leverage the Office 365 suite of products, this partnership enhances our already powerful integrations.

With the combined power of our products and Microsoft’s open-standards software tools and technologies we now will have an even more extremely powerful product and services offering that is a true market leader and best in class.hard to compete with—enabling us to continue building our success through putting our customers at the heart of everything that we do.

VerseOne’s award-winning digital services and technology platforms power over 250 websites, intranets, secure portals, and stakeholder management solutions that deliver fast, personalised content access to more than 20 million residents, patients, stakeholders, and staff.

Being an accredited Microsoft Partner VerseOne will be able to reach millions of customers, partner ecosystems, and go-to-market resources to offer the best possible content management and collaboration platforms, and pass the value directly onto their customers.

Founded in 2004, VerseOne Group deploys web technology platforms, digital, and creative services to the social housing, healthcare, local government, and broader commercial markets, with a mission to deliver highly personalised, functional and beautifully crafted digital transformation solutions that offer the best engagement and experience for anyone accessing its customers’ most valuable asset: their business content.
VerseOne Group’s market-leading content management platform powers more than 250 online solutions, providing fast, personalised information access to more than 20 million residents, patients, stakeholders and staff.

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