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New websites for Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Following their successful intranet project in 2018, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has now launched its new Trust website in partnership with VerseOne. As part of the same project, the teams also created new websites for NHS recruitment in Cornwall and for Sowenna, an adolescent mental health unit in the midst of a major charitable appeal and redevelopment.

One of the key requirements for the Trust's small and agile communications team was to bring all of their web content together in a single place, so that content could be shared across many sites at once and reduce the overhead of maintaining and using multiple content management systems.

With intranet content already in place, it was easy for the team to choose what to publish to the Trust website as well—including important public documents such as policies and patient leaflets. The project was also an opportunity to update the look, feel, and navigation of the Trust website, freshening their online presence and focusing on the most important user journeys of patients and service users.

Adding the Sowenna and recruitment sites into the system at the same time was an obvious bonus for the Trust. The Sowenna website in particular needed to be in an environment where it would have room to grow and change as the appeal and construction come to a close and the unit prepares to open to service users.

Laurens van der Eyken, Digital Communications Lead at the Trust, said:

As a Trust we have just added three new internet sites to supplement our intranet through the VerseOne CMS. It offers flexibility and control over content and reduces work when publishing to multiple platforms as well as design upgrades.

"The launch was seamless and has increased the functionality we are now able to offer to our client base across Cornwall. Working with VerseOne is is always a pain free experience, as they understand the demands of the NHS as well as the digital requirements.

With strong foundation of VerseOne CMS now underpinning most of the Trust's web presence, Laurens and his team don't intend to stop there. Over the next 6 months, two more new websites will be going live, one for Acute GP Service Cornwall and another that will profile video content by and for doctors and patients.

Congratulations to the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust team for a smooth and successful launch and a fantastic new collection of websites!

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