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10 Breakthrough Technologies 2017

 The MIT Technology Review has just released their “10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2017” which sparked a bit of a debate at VerseOne HQ.

I’d like to know what you think about the Top 10 and which, if any, you’re most excited about.

Let me know your thoughts or even what tech you think should have made the list. Tweet me @VerseOneComms.

The Top 10, in no particular order:

Reversing Paralysis 

Scientists taking great strides forward using brain implants to restore movement in patients with spinal cord injuries.

Self-Driving Trucks 

Fully automated trucks will soon be the norm—truck drivers the next victim of the automation of the workforce?

Paying with Your Face

How long until all you need to pay for dinner or the cinema is your face? China’s already there.

Practical Quantum Computers 

Is the next leap forward in computing about to make the last few years look like the middle ages?

The 360-Degree Selfie 

Selfie-addicts everywhere rejoice! The low-cost of hardware is about to make your dreams a reality, and change the way we all communicate and share.

Hot Solar Cells 

Calm down, it’s not quite lightsabers…yet. It’s definitely the next step in renewable energy though.

Gene therapy 2.0

Recent progress has been made in the fight against rare hereditary diseases, and scientists have their sights on Cancer & Heart disease next.

The Cell Atlas

The A-Z of what we’re really made of.

The Bonnets of Things

Having all our devices fully connected to each other all the time is all good, right? 

Reinforcement Learning 

How long before computers are teaching us, and not the other way around?

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