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Autevo Intelligent Integration Platform is the data unification engine that underpins all of VerseOne's technology platforms. It can connect to and parse structured data, from CSV files to third-party APIs. Whether working one-way or bi-directional, Autevo ensures that critical business information is available securely and wherever needed.

Autevo is a designed-for-purpose platform that provides end-to-end line-of-business systems integration and identity management through Autevo Datastream and Autevo Passport.

Customer tasks and interfaces are provided through fully-branded browser-based Channels, with individual back-office system translation enabled through low-friction, decoupled Connectors. This decoupled model enables specific Connectors to be easily swapped out with little to no impact on the user experience.

Although tightly integrated with VerseOne’s end-to-end digital transformation  software and mobile apps, Autevo has been designed to deliver integrated services to any API-capable, web-standards based content management or web publishing platform.

Autevo Passport 

One of the challenges of delivering customer portal and mobile app solutions is the integration and maintenance of user credentials across multiple line-of-business systems.

VerseOne’s integration solutions, which are implemented using a built-for-purpose software stack, all user credentials are stored and accessed from a unified and secure layer—the innovative Autevo Passport service.

Autevo Passport is secure and GDPR-ready:

  • all network traffic is end-to-end encrypted;
  • all user credentials are fully encrypted in the database;
  • all authentication is via secure token—no user credentials are passed across networks;
  • any capable third party system can also authenticate using the standards-compliant Autevo Passport API;
  • users have the ability to provide “explicit consent” to the use of their data.
  • Autevo Passport provides a reliable, secure and unified credentials store that provides peace of mind for your organisation—and your customers.

Autevo Datastream

With customers becoming more technologically savvy, and with many accessing their data on-the-go through mobile devices, it is essential that portal services remain fast, consistent and responsive.

And with thousands of users requesting service access simultaneously, it is essential that network traffic and server loads be optimised for high and flexible data flow. Autevo Datastream uses the latest tried-and-tested technologies to import, normalise and deliver data swiftly—even at times of high demand.

Autevo Datastream achieves this through:

  • Autevo SmartSchedule provides intelligent automatic moderation of data import frequency, using essential machine-learning techniques to ensure that back-office systems are not being put under unnecessary strain;
  • data-mapping configurations are stored in fast, high-memory technologies—such as Node.JS and NoSQL key-value pair databases—to divert requests from slower disk hardware;
  • the Autevo SmartData caching system provides customers with staged, super-fast access to their data for each session.
  • Autevo Datastream enables the swift flow of relevant information with minimal resources—even during periods of high traffic.

Data Normalisation - Gather and normalise data from multiple and disparate back-office and external sources and channel it to your customers.

Configurable APIs - Configure API imports, mapping, outputs, and links to business-critical systems through a drag-and-drop interface.

Bi-Directional Transfer - Use Autevo to pull data into a single, configurable layer, and push user-generated changes back into your business applications.

Scalability - Autevo is designed to handle huge datasets with high performance and reliability.

Built-In User Experience - Autevo guides users through the integration process with for-purpose, out-of-the-box guides, requiring minimal training.

Generate ROI - By removing duplication of data management and entry, you can drive efficiencies that represent real saving and value for money.

Autevo System Connectors - Through working closely with our customers and partners, VerseOne has created a library of ready-to-deploy connectors for a number of frequently-deployed back-office systems. These include:

  • Capita Open Housing;
  • Northgate Housing;
  • Civica Cx;
  • Manifest Universal Connector;
  • Orchard Housing;
  • Kirona DRS;
  • VacancyFiller.

Connectors can be swiftly build, and swapped out as systems change or are replaced, without impacting the customer experience.

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