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Why automate your business processes

In an age where saving time and costs are of key importance, coupled with the rise of technology solutions, surely automating your business processes as part of an overall business transformation strategy is a must.

When technology is used to create hands-free, computerised actions and decisions for manual and repetitive tasks human errors are eliminated and the workforce are free to solve more complex problems and increase customer service. In addition to the customer service benefits integrating processes and systems together from various disparate departments and teams gains efficiencies and reduces errors and waste.

How to take advantage of process automation

But do not waste time automating a bad, inefficient process. Process automation is an excellent opportunity to stand back and asses your processes at a high level across the organisation

Ask yourself some hard questions, before you start:

  • Which are the most time-consuming processes?
  • Which process are used the most?
  • Are you exchanging documents and sensitive files securely – without using insecure email?
  • Which process do your customers complain about the most?
  • Which processes do your staff complain about the most?
  • What processes in your business are linked with compliance and can these be automated?
  • How many of your processes  ”have always just been done like this” without asking why?

To ensure success always, always involve all stakeholders (internal and external) in the evaluation of the existing processes and the development of the new automated processes. Buy-in will alleviate fear of change and help with a smooth transition to “business as usual” state.  You should also establish pre-automation benchmarks to show results and return on investment.

Realised benefits of Business Process Automation include:

  • Streamlined and efficient communication
  • Process steps have owners with accountability
  • Minimise costs and reduce errors
  • Gain efficiencies in time and resources
  • Allow faster business decisions, increasing customer satisfaction
  • Compliance made simpler

To see how the VerseOne Group help its clients achieve these benefits please Contact Us to arrange a demonstration.