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The Rise of the Digital Tenant

How are Social Housing organisations meeting the needs of their tenants in 2021 and beyond?

Digital transformation in the Social Housing Sector is changing the way that services are delivered to tenants and adopting the right mix of technology to deliver better services and cut costs is imperative. The government is also driving change through digitising its services (universal credit) and making a commitment to getting more and more people online. Taking this even further, we can see housing providers working directly with government to provide reliable and cost-effective internet to communities in order to increase digital adoption.

What does a digital tenancy look like? A digital tenant should be able to interact with their housing provider via a number of channels; a tenant portal, email, online collaboration tool, social channels or via text and calls. This is a multi-channel approach and may look different for each Social Housing provider, but the best mix can be designed according to direct feedback from the tenants.

Access the infographic now - https://solutions.verseone.com/verseone-digital-tenancy-infographic